About the A.R.D.

The raw and living foods community is fast-growing; the amount of related information available online is increasing exponentially. Recently (Summer 2008), Wendi Dee saw the need for an All Raw Directory to help us stay as connected as possible while we spread across the Earth. With the assistance of her husband, Jim, and the individuals listed below, the All Raw Directory was created and a vast amount of resources were initially entered into the directory.

As you have no doubt already felt, our community is special. We can work together to compile this directory, to not only help ourselves, but to make it easier for those who will be learning about raw, living foods in the near future. It’s beautiful what we can create when we all work together.

Using the A.R.D.

The site is largely self-explanatory. However, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Register your user name to become a member of the All Raw Directory. Membership, which is 100% free, is optional. However, you must be a member to edit or post links, comment or rate links, build profiles, or leave messages.
  2. Fill out your profile to let others know a little bit about yourself. Again, this is optional, but is a quick and easy way to begin making friends online. Our profiles are small and very easy to make!
  3. Upload a user image for profile page. Currently, you must point us to a small picture out on the net. However, we're working on functionality so that you can simply upload one of your choice.
  4. Add one or more links! The more you add, the more valuable this site is as a raw foods resource. The system is reasonably smart; you cannot add the same link twice (at least, not to the same category). So, don't worry about duplicating someone else's work. Besides, each topic area has an administrator, a real live person to sort out any problems that crop up.
  5. Edit listings as necessary. The ARD is an open database, much like the Wikipedia. So, edit to your heart's content. Everyone can help improve the site.
  6. Flag a listing if there is a problem. When you flag an item, that topic's administrator is notified and action can be taken promptly.
  7. Search the All Raw Directory. Take advantage of our search engine to find the information you need!
  8. Make a Comment and Rate a resource listed in the directory. Comments and ratings can help others make informed decisions about books, equipment, and other raw foods resources.
  9. Click on a user’s name to leave a message for them! Messaging is a fun way to interact and communicate with others.

If you have questions or comments about the site in general, please let WendiDee know and we'll do our best to help you. If you have comments or suggestions about the technical aspects of the site, stop by JimDee's page and leave a message.

Huge Thanks Go To:

It was difficult to decide which names to include under this special thank you, because many individuals took the time to review the ARD and provide feedback prior to launch -- we appreciate all of that feedback! However, abundant raw-thanks are in order for a group of people whose work, comments, and advice helped prepare this directory for launch.


We honor work by others who have solely attempted to tackle the Herculean task of collecting and maintaining a raw food directory:

If you know of other raw and living food directories that deserve to be recognized for their hard work, please let us know and we’ll add them here.

Link to Your All Raw Directory!

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"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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