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RawMatt wrote: I have been a patron of Bliss Cafe for a few years now. I have seen some changes and overall it has been a pretty good experience until recently. Bliss has transformed into pretty much a vegan cafe with some raw desert items. As far as raw entrees go Bliss is severely lacking. I was used to going into a place called "Cafe Raw Bliss" and ordering anything on the menu. I was sorely disappointed when I ordered my raw 3 1/2 year old daughter an almond butter, honey sandwich on sprouted grains bread. When you tell a raw foodist that you have sprouted grains bread they picture something fresh out of the dehydrator. Not something from the shelf at a chain grocery store which is what we got, and for $7 dollars. I was surprised to see the charge for the sandwich on the bill after I brought the issue up. The deserts are good but choc's overpriced. No raw entrees. Waitstaff could use a lesson in cust service. It hurts me to give this rating because this is the only raw place in Az

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