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Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine. (by Matt Amsden) From the site: "Following a vegan, raw foods diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite delicacies or condemn yourself to a life of celery and carrot sticks. As renowned raw foods chef Matt Amsden reveals in this vibrant, inspiring book, raw cuisine represents the discovery and innovative use of luscious natural ingredients."

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Raw Food / Real World. From the site "Top New York chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney and his partner, Sarma Melngailis, had been thinking of opening a Moroccan restaurant. But one night they were invited to a raw food restaurant -- and it changed their lives. They instead opened Pure Food and Wine, a restaurant devoted to creative, tasty raw food, and it has been drawing rave reviews."

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Purely Delicious Magazine. From the site: Purely Delicious Magazine is a printed publication celebrating the beauty, tastes, and health benefits of fresh, raw, plant-based foods. Our mission is to educate, inform, and inspire those wishing to enhance their health through nutrition and conscious living. We are dedicated to bringing you useful information and delicious recipes that can be applied every day and for every meal, to create a more balanced lifestyle - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine. (by Gabriel Cousens) From the site: "Medical researchers have found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet, combined with environmental pollutants and stress, can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body collectively known as chronic degenerative disease. Here holistic physician Gabriel Cousens provides a dietary regimen that may help reverse this process by introducing whole, natural, organic, and raw foods into the diet. "

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"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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