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Abeba' Krazy Onion Rings.

Submitted on 8/28/2008 9:37:23 PM by modernjane   ::  Comment/Rate   ::   View Comments (2)  ::  1 rating, avg = 10/10   ::  Edit title/descrip.   ::  Flag

Wendi’s Birthday Treat. (by Jim Dee) Made this as sort of a birthday "cake" -- not really a cake, though, but it went over well.

Submitted on 8/1/2008 7:49:50 PM by PureJeevan   ::  Comment/Rate   ::   View Comments (1)  ::  1 rating, avg = 10/10   ::  Edit title/descrip.   ::  Flag

Cacao Shake. (by Melinda Scheper)

Submitted on 8/17/2008 4:37:46 PM by modernjane   ::  Comment/Rate   ::   View Comments (1)  ::  1 rating, avg = 9/10   ::  Edit title/descrip.   ::  Flag

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