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Alissa Cohen. Alissa Cohen's before/after page on her site.

Allergies Gone, Feeling Great!. I began my raw food journey in my late teens. Most of my childhood was troubled by seasonal allergies. They were to the point where I would miss several days of school per year, and some outdoor activities, such as playing Little League Baseball. The doctors office said I was allergic to "trees, grass, and weeds!" Not so easy to avoid, especially as my family business growing up was landscape and tree work! Nearly all year round, but especially in the Spring, I would frequently suffer from...

Andrew's Raw Food Success Story. Andrew's Raw Food Success: Dropped from 220 to 170 pounds. Overcame colitis Cured Depression

Angela Stokes.

Bio On Nature's Fitness Model. Read about Sherif Kamal and his transformation to a Raw Foodist Athlete! Fitness X online magazine features fitness enthusiast Sherif Kamal as he explains how he became a fitness model competitor using a Raw Food Diet!

Carlene Jones: Lost 132 Pounds In 9 Months.

Cecilia Benjumea. From her site: "My name is Cecilia Benjumea B.A. C.M.T. and I've been on a healing journey since I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome about 9 years ago. This journey led me to the raw foods lifestyle which I've been living for 6 years in Northern California."

Chris Carlton. A "My Raw Story" installment from the Pure Jeevan blog. If you have a raw story to share on the Pure Jeevan blog, leave a comment at the blog.

Chris Carlton. I'm half the man I used to be. Literally.

Chris Paris Looses Weight And Gains Much More. How I went from 245lbs, BP 160/120, Cholesterol 230-240 to 170lbs, BP 120/80, Cholesterol 155, in just a handful of months. It was done without drugs, surgery or starvation. I actually had MORE energy while going through the transition and feel better than I have in years.

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Documentary: Reversing Diabetes Naturally in 30 Days:

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