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One-on-One Raw Food Diet Coaching from Wendi Dee (by Wendi Dee) Wendi Dee of Pure Jeevan offers one-on-one weight loss and raw food diet coaching services to clients worldwide. Click for full details.

Alica Mccormick - Living On Live Food Teacher. (by Alica Mccormick) Living on Live Food Teacher Gainesville, FL

Alicia Matheson - Living On Live Food Teacher. (by Alicia Matheson) Living on Live Food Teacher Metro Boston, MA

Alina Vladimirova - Raw Food And Lifestyle Coach. (by Alina Vladimirova) Based in Brooklyn, NY Alina shares her passion for the raw food lifestyle, spirituality, and female empowerment. Through raw food classes and one-to-one coaching Alina introduces people to healthy eating, spiritual awakening, and a life of integrity, possibilities, and passion.

Alissa Cohen. (by Alissa Cohen) "Alissa Cohen is considered one of the leaders in raw foods and healthy living. An internationally recognized author, speaker, and raw food chef and consultant, Alissa's devoted following includes thousands of people throughout the world who have maintained successful weight losses, healed themselves of a myriad of diseases, and swear by her simple and fun approach to fantastic health."

Alissa Cohen Living On Live Foods Teacher/coach. (by Sabina Nicholson) I offer the following: * Introduction to Raw Classes * Private Consultations * One-on-One coaching * Living on Live Food Level I Certification - Chef * Living on Live Food Level II Certification - Instructor as soon as my book is published i will fill my calendar again with regular classes, until then i will only do consultations and requested classes. located in the adirondacks of nys

Allie Kaminsky - Living On Live Food Instructor. (by Allie K) Living on Live Food Instructor Houston, TX

Amber Alfano - Living On Live Food Instructor. (by Amber Alfano) Living on Live Food Instructor Saginaw, MI

Amber Van Den Haute - Living On Live Food Teacher - Belgium. (by Amber Van Den Haute)

Amber Zuckswert Virtual Raw Nutrition Coach- San Francisco And The World. (by Amber Zuckswert) I coach clients on raw nutrition, mind/body fitness including pilates and yoga, as well as the spiritual aspect incorporating meditation, mindfulness and over all lifestyle design. Check out my services on

Andee Lambert - Living On Live Food Teacher. (by Andee Lambert) Living on Live Food Teacher Scottsdale/Tempe, AZ

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