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The Mediterranean-style Diet Found Good For The Brain. (by Raw Antonia) From the article: "A recent study published in Archives of Neurology shows that the Mediterranean diet can work wonders for long term brain health. Researchers found that people on a predominantly Mediterranean-style present a lower risk of neurodegeneration."

Raw Foods - Vegetarianism. An Essential Resource For Living/Raw Foods Lifestyle. Each title deals with an important aspect of the living/rawfoods lifestyle. Permacharts focus on the most important tips, tricks, shortcuts and key concepts. A great way to introduce newcomers to living/raw foods. Learn, reference and review in 5-10 minutes or less. Save time by not flipping through books or watching DVDs. Written by experts in the field, including the world leader, Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute.

Workout Sessions For The Brain: Weekly Fasting Protects Against Brain Diseases. (by Antonia) From the article: "Researchers at the National Institute on Ageing in Baltimore have found that weekly fasting can improve long term brain function and delay the onset of debilitating brain conditions"

Preference For Fat May Have A Genetic Basis. (by Michelle Bosmier) From the article: "New research into the genetic susceptibility to diet-induced obesity shows that a specific variation of the CD36 gene may be responsible for fat preference in 21% of the population"

The Poor Face Challenges Accessing Healthy Food Options. (by Lina Trivedi) From the article: "The disturbing reality of many low income communities and their inability to access fresh produce due to the lack of supermarkets in some communities is unsettling"

Mild Dehydration Has Substantial Adverse Effects, Especially In Women. (by Antonia) From the article: "New research from the University of Connecticut reveals that mild dehydration affects mood, energy levels and mental performance in both men and women"

Raw Foods With Anti-oxidants Can Reduce Risks Of Stroke In Women. (by Lina Trivedi) From the article: "Many studies are conducted that attempt to prove which drugs have what affect on health, especially in relation to heart disease. It is refreshing, in more ways than one, to read about a study that reveals that prevention of a health issue as serious as stroke can be found as close as our kitchen"

Babies Know Best: Solid Foods Keep Them Healthy. (by Michelle Bosmier) From the article: "A recent UK study shows that baby-led weaning promotes healthier food preferences later on in life: babies who are fed solid foods are more likely to prefer nutrient-dense foods, while babies weaned on purees will later go for less healthy, sugary foods"

Boiling Broccoli Destroys Its Cancer-fighting Properties. (by Antonia) From the article: "Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK found that boiling, shredding and freezing cruciferous vegetables can destroy much of their acclaimed cancer fighting properties"

Study Finds That A Raw Vegetarian Diet Significantly Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms. (by Diana Bocco) From the article: "A study published in the "BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine" journal showed that raw diets can help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome."

Raw Foods Relation To Breast Cancer. (by Lina Trivedi) From the article: "are there foods that can holistically contribute to the healing of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer"

Raw Food Eaters At A Lower Risk Of Developing Osteoporosis, Study Says. (by Diana Bocco) From the article: "When studying the diet of raw foodists, researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis made a startling discovery: low bone mass density and osteoporosis don't always go hand in hand"

Can Raw Foods Replace Your Anti-aging Creams?. (by Lina Trivedi) From the article: "Surprisingly, a diet has a very strong effect on how skin ages. Numerous raw food enthusiasts swear by the fact that the consumption of raw foods is the only factor in their incredibly youthful appearance. Oprah recently interviewed a woman who literally looked 25 years younger than her age. Her commitment to raw food dieting is what she attributed to her appearance"

Healthful Snacks Can Support Weight Loss. (by Raw Antonia) From the article: "New study from the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reveals that healthy snacks can support weight loss by regulating metabolism and keeping hunger away until the next substantial meal"

Raw Foods For Pain Relief. (by Raw Michelle) Raw foods not only nourish the body from the inside out, but also possess curative properties that help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Arsenic-laden Rice Could Poison Unborn Children. (by Raw Michelle) New study at Dartmouth University hints at a link between rice and elevated arsenic levels in pregnant women. The scientists fear for the role arsenic may play in shaping the health of unborn children.

Raw Foods To Help You Quit Smoking. (by Raw Michelle) Tobacco smoking is, sadly, the greatest cause of preventable death across the entire world. Since the 1930s, a vast number of studies have continuously revealed the devastating effects that smoking can have on human health, primarily affecting the lungs, circulatory and respiratory tract by increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and cancer of the mouth and larynx.

Raw Foods To Help You Sleep. (by Raw Michelle) When our bodies are forced to handle pollution, stress, noise, illness and even poor dietary choices, we might find ourselves tossing and turning in our beds, unable to get a good night's sleep. For those individuals struggling with insomnia, raw foods might just provide the answer they have been waiting for. Learn more here.

Cranberries Fight Infection Better Than Pills. (by Raw Michelle) Scientists at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts discovered that whole cranberry juice is more potent against infections than cranberry extracts.

Mimi Kirk On Huffington Post. (by Ellena Kanner and Mimi Kirk) From the article: "She's hot, she's vegan, she's the grandmother of seven. Mimi Kirk, author of Live Raw, was voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian over 50. How much over? She's 72. 'You can be healthy as you age,' says Kirk. 'I'm an example.'"

Raw In Montreal Interviews Tanya Wood Of Raw Beauty 2011. (by Ildikó Brunner) From the article: "Raw Beauty 2011: 13 real people gone raw- a calendar that is not only beautiful to look at but it is also good for your health, and is full of delicious and delectable raw food recipes. Recently I had a chance to interview Tanya Wood, one of the creators of Raw Beatuy 2011.

Raw Beauty Featured In From Argentina. (by Florencia Goldsman) From the article: "Raw Beauty: un año de Comida Viva desde Canadá Tanya Wood es una artista plástica canadiense originaria de Saskatchewan, una provincia que linda con el estado de Alberta al oeste y con Manitoba al este, pero que también bordea con los Estados Unidos, y cubre el 6, 5 por ciento del territorio canadiense. Tanya, junto con su amigo fotógrafo Nick Rudnicki, es la creadora de Raw Beauty 2011, un calendario dedicado a difundir el estilo de vida Raw Food a través de delicadas imágen

Raw In Canada. tons of articles on the raw lifestyle in Canada.

Bif Naked Interviewed About Raw Foods And Cancer. (by Jim Dee) From the article: "...I really wanted to hear Bif's thoughts directly. So, I rung her up and we had a long (40-minute), very candid talk about raw veganism, cancer, music, spirituality, tattoos, and a bunch of other really fascinating stuff. She's amazing -- and we're truly grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with her -- so do check out this super audio interview..."

Boy George On New Raw Food Diet. (by Celebutopia) From the article: "The singer has embarked on a strict diet of uncooked food and a grueling exercise regime to shed the weight."

Pure Market Express - Vegan Raw Food Delivery Service. (by Jeanne) From the article: "Raw Delivery: Only in NYC? Think Again." This article is about Gena's review of Pure Market Express, an incredible raw delivery service based in Minnesota.

Chef Michelle Of Arnolds Way Raw Food Cafe. (by Michelle Schulman) From the article: "Michelle Schulman, head chef of Arnolds way raw food cafe in Lansdale, P.a. has a marvelous story to share about the powerful healing benefits of being on a raw food diet. She can be found daily working behind the counter preparing simple and delicious raw food meals for the cafe. Michelle also has a stunning voice being a classically trained opera singer and you can check her out in action here."

Raw Vegan Diet On The Local News In Florida. (by Rene Oswald) From the article: "" A news story explaining details of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle with Rene Oswald, author of "Transitioning to Living Cuisine" and Brian Clements from Hippocrates Health Institute.

Bbc Report: Raw Food Eaters Thin But Healthy. (by Bbc News) From the article: "People who follow a raw food vegetarian diet are light in weight but healthy, according to US researchers."

With Food, Raw Deals Are Not All Bad. (by Larry Watters) From the article: "When I mention being on a partial raw-food plan, I can usually expect to hear one of two responses: "Gross!" or "Wow!" Or occasionally, "I can’t eat that much salad." Raw food is more than Green Smoothies and Green Salads. Raw food - more accurately known as Living Food - is a cleaner, more digestive-friendly alternative to the Standard American Diet (SAD) with all the acidic and health problems that accompany it." Article includes some nice raw food pics and recipes!

Savor: Eat Your Veggies. (by Cj Williams) Article that profiles a raw food chef. From the article: "Krista Noschka, Living Light Certified Gourmet Raw Food chef and instructor, (910) 620-9191, has been "living raw" for almost four years and feels better than she has in her entire life. The philosophy of raw is all about getting back to the basics of what nature intended."

Angus Crawford's Rawlicious Raw Restaurant In Toronto. (by Corey Mintz) Not a great review (typical when a non-raw foodie reviews a raw restaurant). But, at least it's *some* publicity for Toronto's Rawlicious restaurant! From the article: "A thick, crunchy collard leaf makes a perfect wrap for a nut loaf ($9), with lots of onion and tomato bursting out of it. Corn chip-like crackers made of flax, carrot and buckwheat come with a salsa (no need to substitute anything), guacamole and "sour cream" ($12)."

Supervalu Vp Calls For Usda To Expand Raw Commodities Regulations. From the article: "Speaking before the House Agriculture Committee April 2, Supervalu, Inc. Vice President for Food Safety John Hanlin called for USDA's risk-based surveillance, inspection and enforcement model for meat and poultry safety to be expanded to the raw food products currently regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, reported Meatingplace."

Detroit-area Vegfest April 26. From the article: "NBA champion, TV/film personality and devoted vegan John Salley will give the keynote address at this year's VegFest, taking place April 26 at Ferndale High School. The annual vegetarian tastefest and expo formerly known as the Great American Meatout is hosted by VegMichigan, the state's largest vegetarian group, and features food from local restaurants, lectures, cooking and raw food demonstrations."

Story On Bif Naked, 10-year Raw Foodie, And Her Battle W/ Breast Cancer. (by Bif Naked) From the article: "It's funny when you get diagnosed with cancer and you're a raw food vegan -- for 10 years. You think they're lying to you, or they got your chart mixed up. You're like, 'Get out of here.' You're not shocked. It's not like you're devastated. You don't buckle. I didn't. I know people who did. I was just really surprised. I thought someone was playing a bit of a practical joke on me because I'm a joker."

Red Pepper Deli Restaurant Review - Detroit. (by Jane Slaughter and Carolyn Simon) From the article: "Before she opened the Red Pepper Deli last September, Carolyn Simon had no idea there were so many raw food enthusiasts around. There are. They make up three-quarters of her clientele, and they instruct her on everything from recipes to the science of raw-foodism."

Slime Sublime: Students Find Out That Going Green Can Taste Golden. (by Natalie Milkes) From the article: "Penni Shelton, health educator and director of Raw Food Tulsa, will be making green smoothies during the lunch hour for kids from pre-kindergarten through high school. "For some kids, this will be the only serving of fruits and vegetables they will have all day," Shelton said. "But what a good start, if a child would drink this for breakfast every morning." Convincing the kids to try the smoothies is the hardest part, Shelton said. Once they tried it, many came back.."

Study: Conventionally Grown Vegetables Have Lower Nutrient Value Than Organics And Days Of Old. (by Donald Davis) From the article: "Study: Conventionally Grown Vegetables Have Lower Nutrient Value Than Organics and Days of Old"

Flavor, The Way Nature Intended It. (by Judith Salkin) From the article: "...Just because it's raw doesn't mean that it's rabbit food or unappetizing to look at, either. According to Ren Yogamaya, organizer of Saturday's Raw Spirit Celebration in the Desert, and Chef Kelli Rose, raw foods have more to offer. Because the nutrients haven't been cooked out of them, "The food is still alive," said Rose, owner of, where she offers catering and classes in raw food cooking."

Jason Mraz Takes Fresh Approach To Touring. (by Sally Browne) From the article: "Mraz, who is a big fan of fresh food, runs an avocado farm in San Diego. He can suggest some great recipes and is especially proud of his Chocomole, a healthy chocolate mousse. He is also a follower of the raw food diet and always takes special powders and potions with him when he tours, supplemented by fresh produce."

Saf (restaurant Review). (by Lucas Hollweg) From the article: "Saf doesn’t have bouncers. Then again, muscles aren’t really part of its image. Owned by an international "wellness organisation" called The LifeCo, London’s first raw-food restaurant champions the way of the uncooked vegetable not only as the key to a long and healthy life, but as botany's answer to fine dining. In the world of haute herbivorism, Saf’s executive chef, Chad Sarno, is regarded as something of a culinary messiah..."

Moloa‘a Farm Touts Noni, A Medicinal Super-fruit. (by Coco Zickos) From the article: "We grow it, pick it and process it before it ferments," he said. Frailey added that they use a special technique for their dehydration process. "What we do is actually classified as raw food," he said. "We dry below 115 degrees." His partner found, after attending school in Oregon, that commercially made dehydrators dry at high heats, low humidity and high air volume and essentially "cook" the fruit."

Restaurant Review: Winter Park's Cafe 118. (by Heather Mcpherson) From the article: "When most people think of raw food, they think steak tartare, sushi or oysters on the half shell. But with a vegan approach and innovative culinary techniques, the raw-foods movement is turning nuts into lavish cheese, butters and creams. Fruits and vegetables are slowly transformed into elegant pastas. And dessert is shedding its guilt."

Raw Energy: Low-temperature Food Cited For Health Benefits. (by Will Broaddus) From the article: "Reid describes raw foodism as an "elimination diet," from which as many unhealthy components as possible have been deleted. In a continuum that starts with the standard American diet and progresses through organic to vegetarian, then vegan and macrobiotic, Reid places raw foods somewhere with the latter two in degree of healthiness."

Cafe 118 Reviewed. From the article: "'ve gotta be curious how a place like Cafe 118 at 153 East Morse Blvd. in Winter Park can make a lasagna without animal products or heating the ingredients past 118 degreest (the magic number which gives the place its name)."

Raw Skin Care Product Line Launched. From the article: "Building on the trend for raw food, you can now get raw skin care. New in Canada is a line of raw and organic products developed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Livia Skin Care moisturizers, cleansers and toners contain no preservatives or harmful chemicals."

The Raw Food Lifestyle: How To Dine Out At Non-raw Food Restaurants. (by Lenette Nakauchi) From the article: "Rest assured, it is possible to eat a healthy, raw, satiating meal while out with friends or family. The key here, as with maintaining a raw lifestyle while traveling, is planning and packing."

Get Fresh And Eat In The Raw. (by Kristina Carrillo-bucaram) From the article: "For the 21-year-old, what’s cooking isn’t ingredients but the philosophy of raw food. It’s been four years since the Houston artist switched off her stove for good. Now the only tools she needs to prepare dinner are a sharp knife, a food processor, a high-speed blender and a spiral slicer."

Woody Harrelson: What I've Learned - Esquire. (by Woody Harrelson) From the article: "The whole concept of the raw-food thing is, any food you heat over 118 degrees, you kill all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. The enzymes are as much or more important than the various nutritional things that are always getting all the good PR. But to eat only raw food, you've got to love a salad. You've got to just love a salad. "

As Raw Food Goes Commercial, Purists Cry Foul. (by Lessley Anderson) From the article: "...commercial success has led to a schism in the raw foods community. A school of purists thinks "gourmet" restaurants like Gratitude are seducing mainstream diners with secretly unhealthy food. ... These traditionalists eat very little refined oil, few processed foods, or things like nut pates (an avocado or the occasional handful of nuts is about as caloric as it gets)."

The Future Of Healthy Snacks For Children?. (by Daniel Palmer) From the article: "Cheeky Chewz has devised a method to produce 100% dried fruit bars that, unlike most bars, are not made from fruit juice or fruit puree. Only the stones/cores of the fruit are removed, with the whole fruit, skin and all, naturally preserved as a raw food. They also ensure products have no added sugar, sulphur or preservatives."

Some Like It Raw -- Diners Follow A Healthy Trend. (by Devin Briski) From the (rather uninspired, yet still marginally useful to raw foodists) article: "But don’t get too excited about eating raw—especially eating out raw—unless you have plenty of money to spare. Fresh, raw, and live ingredients tend to be the most expensive even though raw food restaurants do not have to pay for stove or oven costs." Mr Briski's comclusions aren't so enlightened in this piece, but at least he does point our some raw destinations in NYC.

Fine & Raw Chocolate. (by Francoise Villeneuve) From the article: "Raw food tends to make me think of celery sticks and things with the word wheatgrass in the title. Recently, though, I found a tastier option—raw chocolate. Daniel Sklaar, the owner of the one-man grassroots operation Fine & Raw Chocolate, produces just one type of cocoa confection, using artisanal low-heat techniques."

Embracing A Diet In The Raw. (by Susan Chaityn Lebovits) From the article: "In their Weston home, Bellows and Fishman have built a space in which to teach classes on the principles of a raw food diet. The 1,500-square-foot kitchen has no stove or oven, but it does have large windows that overlook acres of conservation land and a paddock where Fishman's three horses graze. But things weren't always so peaceful in the Bellows-Fishman home."

Feasting In The Raw. (by Jarrod Harelik) From the article: "So, it’s yet another year without turkey and stuffing for me. But I’m starting to get the hang of it. In fact, I’ve never felt healthier. For one thing, stomach problems that plagued me since high school have diminished almost completely. But you might wonder how I can enjoy Thanksgiving without the usual holiday fare. The trick is to make meaning beyond the meal."

Going Raw Could Be Great For Your Health. (by Christine Webb) From the article: " 'It was like a light bulb moment to be like this. It's what I was waiting for to reclaim my health,' Stokes said. Instead of going cold turkey -- or cold cucumber as she prefers to call it -- Stokes recommends a slow transition to raw foods. 'I recommend people start out being at least 50 percent raw and go from there.' "

Going Raw Sparks Life Change -- And A Movie. (by Jenna Norwood) From the article: "Florida-based Norwood said this got her thinking about what would happen if you only ate healthy food for a month so she decided to try it, keen to slim into a showgirl costume for Halloween, with a film crew following her during that time. The result? A weight loss of 15 pounds, improved vision, higher energy levels, and a documentary called "Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw" which has won several awards at independent films festivals with a wide release expected in January."

Turkish News Piece: Raw Food Makes People Healthier And Happier. (by Nevsah Fidan) From the article: "The founder of the NFS Master Academy, which helps people increase their quality of life, Nevsah Fidan, recently published a ... book titled "Canli Gidalarla Gelen Saglik" (Health with Raw Food), which largely consists of lessons and recipes from her raw-food workshops.I have personally consumed raw food for a very long time. Because people appreciate these recipes and because this type of a diet brings health, peace and happiness to people's lives, I wanted to gather them..."

Best Weight-loss Plan: Start A Raw Food Diet. (by Kevin Gianni and Phillip Mcclusky) From the article: "So in the very beginning I didn't even concentrate on exercise. And it's not that I recommend that but for me that's what worked. I knew that I had to get the food right. I had literally devoured raw food books. I was reading a book a day and was really excited about everything. But I noticed that every body had a different opinion on raw foods..."

Breast Cancer Patient Foregoes Traditional Treatment For Raw Diet. From the article: "But something about that didn't sit right with her, she said -- something like an inexplicable feeling that she wouldn't survive it. 'It was like pictures came into my brain: 'You will not win this,'' she said. So the former Miss Orem kneeled and sought an answer in prayer. An impression came strongly -- but it was every bit as mystifying as it was powerful, she said. 'Even when I went into prayer, that was just as scary,' she said. 'I was thinking: Food?'"

Raw Foods Have Run For Their Money. From the article: "Raw food expert Tim VanOrden will present "Diet and Peak Performance" Sunday. VanOrden will speak about his decision to follow the raw food diet, consisting of uncooked, unprocessed foods, while continuing his love for athletics. For VanOrden, it started in 2005 when he asked the question, "Can one be an athlete while eating a 100 percent raw vegan diet?" He believes the answer is yes..."

Raw-food Chef Hopes To Spread Lifestyle. (by Mike Dedoncker) From the article: "BELVIDERE, Ill. — Wondering what to cook for dinner tonight? Brenda Richter’s suggestion would be nothing. That's because Richter, a certified raw-food chef and instructor, believes that cooking the fruits and vegetables that make up the diet of a raw-food lifestyle decreases or, at least, alters the nutrients in them. "It’s becoming more commonly known that a lot of peoples' illnesses are actually caused by what they eat or don't eat," said Richter..."

Raw Energy: The Live Food Movement Heats Up In Columbia. (by Marcia Vanderlip) From the article: "Thanksgiving can be a tricky food day for vegetarians, hard for vegans and especially challenging for the raw foodist, who doesn’t eat meat, dairy, processed food, wheat, white sugar or food that gets warmer than 118 degrees. Yet it was Thanksgiving two years ago when Jane Smith had the first urge to 'go raw.'..."

Uncooked Ideals Not Half-baked. (by Marcia Vanderlip) From the article: "The other day I brought home a bag of freshly dug sweet potatoes and thought about roasting them. Then I remembered I could eat them raw, an idea I wouldn’t have considered until a little more than a week ago, when I met Blazin’ Jane Smith. The 67-year-old grandmother of 21 is blazing a trail for local vegans who enjoy the health benefits of uncooked foods."

Raw Foodist Nomi Shannon (part Ii): Starting A Raw Food Lifestyle. (by Nomi Shannon) From the article: "Most of us who are eating the standard American diet are addicted to the stuff they put in the food. It just tastes delicious. It takes a while for your palate to get used to simple greens, simple salad, plain almonds, that kind of thing. So you have to give yourself the chance to do that. If you are never a 100%, so what. ..."

Rawsome In La. (by Vicki Godal) From the article: "So where am I going with all this good news? Raw. That's right, raw. To me, changing what I eat and how I eat it is the very most sustainable action I as an individual can do for the planet. I already drive a Prius and recycle. But I'm still not satisfied with the level of change I'm personally effecting. Hence, the move to raw. "

Restaurant Serves Up A Lifestyle In Action - Preview Of Matthew Kenney / Joe Diaz Cafe 118. (by Matthew Kenney) From the article: "The cafe, so named because 118 degrees is the temperature at which most nutrients and enzymes are destroyed, will be home to foods that are entirely raw; no animal products used. Matthew Kenney, raw food chef and author of Everyday Raw, created every item on the menu from natural ingredients. For example, the lasagna is made with zucchini, tomato and basil, and the cheese is derived from macadamia nuts."

Food Without Fire: Raw Food At Whole Foods. (by Sheryn Abalos) From the article: "On Chef Sheryn Abalos' menu today was raw fajitas and raw pear cobbler, with a special treat of cranberry pomegranate salad. All the ingredients are organic and fresh off the produce isle of this store. She reminds her students that using organic is important, especially when doing raw cooking because the pesticides are harmful to our bodies."

Heidi Van Pelt Hopes To Improve On Soul Food - New Vegan + Raw Restaurant For Kansas City. (by Heidi Van Pelt) From the article: "It will be vegan with raw food and cooked food -- all organic," Van Pelt says. "It's going to be diner and gourmet, and we'll have a juice bar."

Rawvolution: Part I , Tips On Starting A Successful Raw Food Business. (by Kevin Gianni and Matt Amsden) A quote from Matt Amsden, from the article: "What I think we're seeing is that there's sometimes more raw food business people than there are raw food customers. That's been the case for a couple of years, but I think it's starting to change as the movement grows. It's starting to be possible for organized individuals to really do something and get products out there."

Carol Alt Hopes Playboy Spread Will Promote Raw Food. (by Carol Alt) From the article: "Classic beauty Carol Alt agreed to pose nude for December's Playboy magazine to inspire middle-aged women to eat healthy. The 47-year-old brunette is a big fan of a raw foods lifestyle for women and she hopes her naked physique will inspire others to follow her lead. But she admits she didn't jump at the chance to pose for her first Playboy spread."

The Raw Diet Lifestyle - For You And Your Pets. (by Angela Stokes Andrew Lewis and Frederic Patenaude ) From the article: ""Living The Raw Diet Lifestyle! It is no secret the Raw food diet is nothing new. It is a lifestyle that has been around for years. The earth started with Raw food diets...pure nutrition to feed the body. It is a Raw food diet that provides the body with it's desired energy and gives the body radiant health. When you introduce a Raw food diet to the body you will begin to see a glow within yourself, from the inside out. We all need to take a look at how our ancestors ate and

Dhrumil Purohit Talks About How To Find A Supportive Community In Life And Diet. (by Dhrumil Purohit and Kevin Gianni) From the article: "Every single person out there knows that friendships and authentic friendships and people who are supportive adds value to the journey. Because when those individuals aren't there, when that community isn't there, then you're just doing something by yourself. And it's not as fun, because you can't share stuff. You can't explore together with other individuals."

Raw Success: 200 Pounds Lost. Good piece, though it contains some typical anti-raw sentiment. From the article: "Losing almost 200 pounds, overcoming type-2 diabetes and enjoying the best health of his life are the only reasons Manich needs to continue on a raw-food diet that includes copious quantities of "green smoothies." Manich's dramatic transformation has convinced 170 Rogue Valley residents that they, too, can benefit from consuming blended cocktails of raw leafy greens, fruit and water during a six-week "challenge."

Dallas Morning News - The Case For A Raw Food Diet. (by Kim Pierce) The Dallas Morning News: "The case for a raw-food diet" 4/7/08, by Kim Pierce

Addicted To Ormus: Gold Fever At The Raw Spirit Festival. (by Dani Katz) From the article: "We're road-tripping to Sedona for the Raw Spirit Festival, where unprocessed people with radiant skin gather to geek out on bee pollen and superfoods and quantum-healing stuff. On the way, we pick up Naada, Tim's iZO video-blog co-host. ..."

Winning The War On Food (part 2): Mass Irradiation Of Produce. (by Neil Mclaughlin) From the article: "It is important to quickly summarize several issues related to food and politics in order to help the reader understand why it is essential for consumers to avoid mass irradiation of produce..."

Ashland (oregon) Food Co-op Class Dispels Myths About The Raw-food Diet. From the article: "After gleaning knowledge from local raw-food experts, Leier and DiMaggio are taking a turn at the helm, teaching a Thursday class at Ashland Food Co-op. "Dispelling Raw Food Myths" will explain the key points of the oft-misunderstood regimen and demonstrate recipes." Article has an EXCELLENT raw food porn picture!

Proof's In The Eating -- Raw Foods Documentary From New Zealand. From the article: "FAMILY ILLNESS inspired Sydney-based filmmaker James Colquhoun to create a documentary showing that the right diet can save your life. His father had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for five years and was taking a host of medications. The problem was, they had their own (commonly expected) side effects, including depression and anxiety. By the time Colquhoun approached his father, an accountant and financial adviser, with an alternative solution, he was suicidal."

How To Choose Healthy Foods By Consumer Wellness Founder, Mike Adams. (by Mike Adams) From the article: "This is why I go to trade shows, because I can meet the person and when I see that person I'm assessing their health. That is, the founder of the company, the CEO. Are they healthy? Are they vibrant? Are their eyes clear? What is their level of health and if they're not healthy, I don't recommend their product. I'm looking for really healthy people with fantastic ingredients."

Cafe Stays In The Raw. Restaurant Provides A Fresh Mix Of Organic Dishes For All Diet Types. From the article: "Brissette opened Everything Wellness to promote the raw movement, which she also describes as a “peace movement” because of its stance against misusing natural resources and animals. The café hopes to prove that eating healthy and helping the environment is not only attainable, but also mouthwatering and delicious. " 118 South Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY.

Spreading The Word About Eating Raw. (by Saboora Yusef) From the article: "A crisp apple, a green salad or, if we're really being fancy, a bowl of gazpacho is what most of us consider food in the raw. For SaBoora Yusef, however, eating raw has been a life-changing commitment, one that she approaches each day with dedication and creativity."

New Burlington, Vt, Restaurant W/ Some Raw Food Options. (by Samantha Cofino) From the article: "Shelburne will have a new breakfast and lunch spot when town center residents Acoy and Samantha Cofino open the first floor of their home as The Open Arms Cafe (985-9844) later this month. The couple has transformed the downstairs of 52 Harbor Road into a light and bright eatery with an open kitchen and juice bar, all accented with Samantha Cofino’s art including a very cool dangling silverware chandelier."

Almond Growers Sue Usda To Halt Mandatory Chemical Fumigation Of Raw Almonds. (by Mike Adams) From the article: "After having their organic almond businesses devastated by the USDA's bizarre decision requiring mandatory chemical fumigation of almonds, the almond industry is fighting back. Fifteen American almond growers have filed a lawsuit against the USDA in an attempt to repeal the requirements that all almonds grown in California be fumigated or pasteurized. (Virtually all almonds sold in the United States are grown in California.)"

Raw Foodist Angela Stokes Gives Tips On How To Achieve Better Health. (by Kevin Gianni and Angela Stokes) From the article: "In this excerpt, Angela Stokes talks about finding or building a support group and steps you can take today to start down the road to better health."

Article About The Simplyraw Festival In Canada. (by Natasha Kyssa and Mark Faul) From the article: "Now in its third year, the SimplyRaw Festival celebrates the vegan raw lifestyle in a fun, tasty way that should capture the imagination and palates of even the most discerning food critic. Created by Natasha Kyssa and her husband Mark Faul, the festival is expected to attract upward of 5,000 visitors this year -- an incredible feat, considering maybe 800 people attended in its first year in 2006, when it was basically just a four-hour pie contest."

Tempting Menu At Saf. (by Melanie Steel) A non-raw foodists' review of a raw restaurant... From the article: "Apart from authenticity, Saf’s main claim to fame is that the food served is predominantly raw, and nothing is cooked above 48C. This only increased my shudder factor: I’ve always considered eating raw food to be a habit embraced solely by the rich and neurotic who spend their lives aiming for a smaller jean size." However, she notes the restaurant "confounded all my expectations and refuted some of my prejudices."

Life In The Raw -- Piece About An Australian Raw Caterer. (by Paul Mattei) From the article: "Melbourne caterer Paul Mattei insists he is thriving personally on a stringent, uncooked diet that would make standard vegetarianism seem indulgent, writes Ann Pilmer...."

Raw Food Tips For Busy Families From Celebrated Raw Food Chef Joel Odhner. (by Kevin Gianni) From the article: "Joel Odhner, is a raw food prep chef who has quite an interesting story which I'll let you, I'll actually let Joel explain his story. I'm not going to go into it. I think it's great that he's got the story that he does have and he's made a massive transition and he provides raw and vegan meals to a bunch of private clients along the east coast. ..."

News Piece About Some Raw Foodists In New Zealand. (by Peter Daniels and Beryn Daniels) From the article: "Capetonians Peter and Beryn Daniels are UK-trained chefs who run the Raw- Foods, Living-Foods Elements of Health Programme. They travel the country spouting raw- food principles and demonstrating how to prepare raw meals. Attending one of their courses recently, I start off a bit confused, because surely a raw-food cooking course is a contradiction in terms."

Dhrumil Purohit Gives 6 Tips On Having A Beautiful Relationship With Food. (by Kevin Gianni) From the article: "In this excerpt, Dhrumil Purohit talks about what it means to have a beautiful relationship with food and how to deal with cravings."

Great Article On New Raw Restaurants In Scotland!. From the article: "An architect by training, and originally from Shetland, Steve got into a raw diet due to health reasons, around seven years ago. Enthusiastic to an evangelical degree, no one could doubt the positive effect it’s had on him- anyone who’s been working 18 hours a day for six months without a break has no right to be this bright eyed and animated. "

Vegetarian Pioneer Helps 'people Wake Up'. From the article: "Decades before Oprah's detox diet, Karyn Calabrese was encouraging Chicagoans to live full, healthy lives through a unique approach to eating. Calabrese, the 61-year-old vegan dynamo behind the restaurants Karyn's Raw in Lincoln Park and Karyn's Cooked in River North, as well as a spa and store, has helped people learn to take better care of what she calls their "most magnificent machines."

Veg Out: Acclaimed Chef Touts Raw Food. (by Matthew Kenney) From the article: "SEARSPORT (Aug 21): Acclaimed chef and Searsport native Matthew Kenney will sign his latest book, "Everyday Raw" (Gibbs Smith, $19.99) at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, at Left Bank Books. A graduate of the University of Maine and the French Culinary Institute, Kenney is a restaurateur, caterer and food writer based in Manhattan. His business interests range from New England to Florida and London to New Delhi. He has been the chef and co-owner of Pure Food and Wine restaurant..."

Fda To Allow Food Producers To Irradiate Spinach, Lettuce. Sorry folks... not all raw food news is good: From the article: "The Food and Drug Administration has approved use of irradiation on spinach and lettuce to kill dangerous bacteria, but companies may have a tough time selling the idea to consumers. "

Series Reveals The Power Of Raw Food. (by Linda Tarr) From the article: "South Sound resident Velma Rogers and Food for Life Chef Maya Adjani are holding a monthly luncheon series featuring raw foods from area farms. Cost is a minimum $25 donation per lunch. The raw food diet is based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit and seaweed. It is gaining popularity across the United States."

Couple Hopes To Meet Demand For Vegan Fare. (by Lisa Bouley and Bob Bouley) From the article (which includes some raw food pics!): "Lisa and Bob Bouley, owners of the new Vej Naturals juice bar and café on Washington Street, opened the vegan-organic eatery with one goal in mind: to show diners that vegan fare can be delicious, nutritious, inexpensive — and even fun to eat."

Rawkstarz: Women's Co-cp Sells Raw Food At Farmer's Market. (by Maureen Moore) From the article: "Sarah Ryan, Robin Paz and Caterina Lewis-Perry, co-owners of the emerging raw food business RawkStarz, are providing north county residents with a nutritious, environmentally friendly meal at the Willits Farmers Market held Thursdays on the north side of Bud Snider Park."

Raw, Whole Foods Are Tasty In Summer. (by Kelly Serbonich) From the article: "Cooking soup in August never made much sense to me. Most of us want to avoid hot cooking in the summer heat — but we still want great food. Meanwhile, some people have turned away from cooked food for deeper reasons. Some have moved toward raw and whole foods to fight cancer, high blood pressure or obesity. For others, it's a philosophical extension of an attitude about diet and environment. Can the summer gourmet learn from the approach? Of course."

Group's Input Behind [raw] Restaurant Concepts. (by Sharon Greenspan) From the article: "Greenspan, 44, from Bethesda, Md., desperately wants a restaurant that caters to the raw food diet, which prescribes only fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, none of which have been heated above 112 degrees. Over the past year, she has dedicated as many as 10 hours each month to attending meetings, sharing her ideas on a community Web site and creating raw food treats such as oat-hemp balls to persuade others of the virtues of raw food."

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