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1 Raw Girl - 1 Raw Girl Can Change Her World!. (by Margo Jakobi)

101 Wonderful Ideas. (by Aleksandra) This website is about some very simple ideas which I am applying to my everyday life in the humid tropical climate of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. I like these ideas because they are money saving, health saving, some could be life saving, and, additionally, some are funny, too. I decided to create this website because after I have moved to the tropics I was looking for information how to live sustainably in this climate on raw food diet, and I haven't found so much information on this subject.

30 Day Journey To Raw. (by Erin) 4 people on a journey - we are switching to raw...for 30 days. Our mentors are books and websites... Can we find interesting foods to keep us interested...and full? Will we last 30 days? What health benefits will we enjoy?

92 Day Juice Fast. (by Tonya Cole Lightfoot) My blog on a 92 day green juice fast while in Texas.

A Superfood Chef And Reiki Master. promoting body consciousness eating raw, organic, sustainable foods that nourish and detox the body

A Vegan Raw Food Resource Blog. Margaret is a certified Raw and Living Foods Chef and Instructor from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, the premier raw vegan culinary school in the world and a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. I love to help people wanting to change their diet.

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Wild Edibles, Raw Food. (by Melissa Sokulski) Daily blog for the Birch Center for Health, with information on health and wellness, traditional Chinese medicine, raw food, wild edibles, and more. Fridays are "Foraging Fridays" so check in to see what wild edibles are in season and where to find them.

Acupuncturist Melissa Sokulski's Raw Food And Juice Blog. (by Melissa Sokulski) Acupuncturist and herbalist Melissa Sokulski blogs her journey through a 42-day juice feast, and onwards with a raw food diet.

Adirondack Raw Food Connection. "Adventures In Raw Fooding In The Forever Wild Adirondacks" Join me in my adventures in raw fooding in a cold climate. i will be posting experiences, reviews, recipes, photos, useful information, ideas, links and more. delicious fun!

Adressing Barriers To Healthier Diet. It doesn't have to cost more to eat healthy. This site is a developing reference for those interested in eating, and living a healthier life. It includes information from tips on how to effectively scrutinize food and beverage products at any store, to where to begin cultivating plants and trees inexpensively. You can get information, shop, and subscribe.

Adventures At Health Camp. Reversing diabetes with the raw food diet.

Adventures Of Raw Goddess Heathy. (by Heathy) Heathy's raw life and all her adventures in the kitchen and around the world!

Aimee Loves You's Week In Review ~ Sunday Is For Lovers!. (by Aimee Loves You) Weekly blog about being inspired, natural health & raw foods, self healing, self mastery, creativity, being in-love, and green living. Updated every Sunday.

Aimee's Nasty Fruit Blog. (by Aimee Loves You) -*- The daily eats of a raw food enthusiast who is passionate about fruit. :) Xo!

Alpha Omega Food Blog. (by Doug Polk and Marilyn Polk) For several years we have studied natural health and lived a life of fasting from the world's foods and feasting on plant based foods. We have been trained at Hallelujah Acres, the headquarters of The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle® and received ongoing instruction from them. The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle® has returned our bodies to excellent health & vitality.

Always Raw At Rawalicious. (by Rawalicious) At Rawalicious find awesome advice on raw food and yoga in Los Angeles and round the world! Check out the video blog for tips, links, and advice- ::))

Amazonian Coconuts By Rawtravelers. (by Chris Argus) Deep in the Amazon rainforest, there is a coconut farmer who provides lovely, fresh coconuts to the community and surrounding areas, including the Refugio Altiplano. Taking a short 15 minute boat ride, we are able to explore his lifestyle as well as understand his bond with this vast jungle that he calls home. Witnessing the connection and harmony between nature and this man taking care of this jungle farm land; it is not hard to see why he cares so much.

Asthma Naturally Healed And Personal Weight Loss Blog. (by Sheila Mindxdreamz) Body beautiful - inside and out. This is a personal blog about one woman's continuing journey, first to heal / cure her asthma (which has happened) and now, focusing on weight loss and increasing health and vitality through eating a high raw diet. Sheila will take you through her years of struggle to regain her health, lose weight, and talk about what she's doing now.

Avocado Queen. (by Melissa Feimster) This blog is all about vegan recipes that incorporate avocados. Since I became a raw/live food vegan several years ago, avocados became a major staple of my diet. While my primary purpose here is to showcase avocados and how awesome they are, I will also share some recipes that are just plain good raw/live vegan food. A meditation accompanies each recipe posting as "food for thought".

Awesome To Be Rawsome. Personal blog of a woman "living the raw food lifestyle."

Badash Climber. (by Ashley Hamilton) RAW VEGAN, CLIMBER, ARTIST.

Be Rawdacious. (by Alyssa) Blog about Raw food and travel! Traveling raw can be challenging but it can also be an amazing opportunity to look at our attachments. This blog is all about finding my way to a more vibrant lifestyle.

Beautiful On Raw. (by Tonya Zavasta)

Becoming Raw Vegan. (by "becoming Whole")

Bee A Raw Foodie. Armed with raw foods, a juicer, a magic bullet and a minicrockpot... the journey of how whole foods & raw foods changed my life, helped me finish two marathons in one year... and what I learn about myself, fitness, and the food world along the way.

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raw food and raw foods diet blogs

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