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Ca'caow Goodies. (by Joelle Brémault)

Cacao Butter Balls. (by Ande Coccimiglio)

Cacao Chip Cookie Bites. (by Melinda Scheper)

Cacao Crunchies. (by Diane)

Cacao Madeleines. (by Ingrid)

Cacao Pistachio Florentine & Mint Ice Cream Sandwich. (by Russell James)

Cacao Pudding Extrawordinaire. (by Melinda Scheper)

Cacao Raspberry Dream Smoothie. (by Diane)

Cacao Shake. (by Melinda Scheper)

Cacao-goji Raw-nola. (by Melinda Scheper)

Caesar Salad. (by Grace Lapetina)

Can't Get Enough Kale!. (by Kim)

Candy Milkshake. (by Michelle Reeves) from Michelle Reeves, From SAD to RAW

Cantaloupe Snow Cone. (by Ingrid)

Carob (the Un-chocolate) Sauce. (by Rhio)

Carob Almond Balls. from Wholistic Life Center

Carob Avocado Ice Cream.

Carob Bark.

Carob Fudge. (by Suzanne Alex Ferrara) from Chef Suzanne Alex Ferrara’s, "The Raw Food Primer"

Carob Fudge Coins. (by Janine)

Carob Spearmint Patties. (by Doris Olsen and Dee Olsen)

Carob Treats. (by Kathryn Gutierrez)

Carob-coconut Haystacks.

Carob-coconut Truffles. (by Denise Thomas) from Denise Thomas, Raw Foodist (adapted from "Sergei's Amazing Truffles" from "12 Steps to Raw Food" by Victoria Boutenko)

Carrocumber Bread. (by Blaq Berry)

Carrot And Parsnip Fettuccine. (by Vanessa Sherwood)

Carrot Apple Kuchen Cake. (by Cherie Soria)

Carrot Cake. (by Vanesa Clark)

Carrot Cake. (by Ursula Horiatis)

Carrot Cake.

Carrot Coriander Soup. (by Renee Loux Underkoffler)

Carrot Coriander Soup. (by Voiceyourself)

Carrot Fennel Salad. (by Rose Lee Calabro)

Carrot Ginger Soup. (by Rawguru)

Carrot Ginger Soup. (by Rene Oswald) I'm a ginger fan, and this is my favorite soup ever!

Carrot Salsa. (by Rachel)

Carrot Tahini Dill Dressing. (by Annie Jubb and David Jubb)

Carrot Tahini Salad Dressing. (by Rene Oswald)

Cashew "mock Chicken" Salad. (by Purely Delicious) This is really delicious stuffed in a large tomato or avocado. Serves 4-6

Cashew Cheese Pate. (by Rene Oswald) This is a low-fat, nutrient-dense recipe!

Cashew Cheese, Candied Pecan, Honey Comb, Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Cashew Coleslaw. (by Michael B Schleyer)

Cashew Dip. (by Marlene Glickman)

Cashew Milk. (by Elana Amsterdam)

Cauliflower Creation. (by Rene Oswald)

Cauliflower Samosas. (by Sarma Melngailis)

Cauliflower Tagine. (by Tofu666)

Celestial Cantaloupe Soup. (by Cynthia Beavers)

Chai Holiday Smoothie. (by Rene Oswald) This is a great drink for the Holiday season or anytime and it's wonderful served warm or cold. To warm, place on low heat on stove top and stir constantly until it reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit. For more recipe videos like this one, go to Enjoy!

Chai Nut Nog. (by Charlene Wieler)

Chai Smoothie. (by Unknown)

Chai Spice Chutney. (by Juliano)

Charlie's Fruit And Veggie Cracker. (by The Raw Table)

Check Out Our Recipe House. Raw and Vegan / Gluten Free Yummies.

Cheesy Crackers With Peanut Butter.

Cherry Almond Cookies. (by Jenny Cornbleet)

Cherry Cobbler With Vanilla Custard Cream. (by Vanessa Sherwood)

Cherry Orange Salad. (by Elana Amsterdam)

Cherry Vanilla Shake. (by Indulge)

Chia Bread. (by Raw Michelle) Included are recipes for Chia Shortbread, Banana-Chia-Nut Bread, as well as Onion-Chia Bread.

Chia Seed Yogurt. (by Penni Shelton) My effort at whipping up something I could use as a healthy substitute for satisfying my yogurt craving.

Chicken Soup For The Raw Soul. (by Rawguru)

Chiles Relenos With Mole Sauce. (by Tofu666)

Chili - Penni Shelton's Raw Chili. (by Penni Shelton) "Every year as our weather in Tulsa begins to gently shift towards autumn, my family starts thinking about warm foods like chili. When I first went raw over 3 years ago, the desire for warm food in the fall was the very thing that seemed to challenge my diet. I have been experimenting with different raw chili recipes for a couple of years now and what I've been able to come up with will rival any cooked recipe and it's WAY healthier."

Chilled Blueberry Pie With Lemon Cashew Crust. (by Ingrid Nyuszi)

Choco Chips. (by Rawguru)

Chocolate "peanut Butter" Squares. (by Amy Johnson)

Chocolate Banana Almond Butter Pie. (by Raw Goddess Heathy) Due to all the raw almond butter I have in stock right now, I decided to create this pie last week. It features chocolate, banana, and almonds - all flavours that I love! The great part is that you can make the whole thing in a food processor. Chocolate Almond Butter Pie Filling: 1 1/4 cup almond butter 1/2 cup agave 1/4 + 1 tbs cacao powder 1/4 cup almond mylk 1 tsp vanilla 1/8 tsp sea salt 2 tbs melted cacao butter 2 large bananas, sliced into rounds

Chocolate Banana Crunch Ice Cream. (by Michelle Reeves)

Chocolate Cake Recipe. (by Mario Iordanov) great chocolate cake recipe, molten chocolate cake, german chocolate cake. Find how to make cake frosting, and wedding cake recipe and frosting.

Chocolate Chewies. (by The Raw Table)

Chocolate Fondue. (by Mindy Mitchell)

Chocolate Fudge. (by Angel Fultz)

Chocolate Fudge. (by Elana Amsterdam)

Chocolate Fudge Pie. (by Rachel Talley)

Chocolate Halvah. (by Yemiah)

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream. (by Amanda Waldner)

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. (by Anna Marcon)

Chocolate Martini. (by Vanessa Sherwood)

Chocolate Milk. (by Amanda Waldner)

Chocolate Milk Green Juice. (by Raw Michelle) Despite its name, this chocolate milk is actually a dairy free food (well, drink) and is comprised of just 2 or 3 "green" ingredients depending what you have available.. it actually tastes an awful lot like chocolate milk! Sure.. it may be a bit thinner... but the colour is close when mixing orange and green ingredients together

Chocolate Mint Pudding. (by Rachel Talley)

Chocolate Mousse. (by Purely Delicious) This is the most amazing stuff. It taste SO much better than the "real" thing. I use it for icing too. Usually, my children just lick it off and leave the cake. Oh, it makes a wonderful chocolate pie as well - just double the recipe. Makes about 2 cups

Chocolate Pecan Pie - My Raw Version!. (by Melissa Lido and The Avocado Queen ) The filling - combine in Vita-Mix: 1 & 1/4 large avocados 4-5 TB raw honey (or agave or grade B maple syrup) 1/2 cup soaked raisins & dates (reserve water) 1 cup raw pecans (preferably soaked 8-12 hours) 1/3 cup raw chocolate powder pinch of sea salt 1/8 inch of vanilla bean The crust - combine in food processor until crumbly consistency is reached: 2 cups raw pecans (preferably soaked & dehydrated) 7-8 dates pinch of sea salt 3 TB raw cacao nibs Press crust into pie pan; pour in filling

Chocolate Pudding. from The Sunfood Cuisine

Chocolate Raspberry Cake With Ginger Chocolate Mousse. (by Russell James)

Chocolate Tart. (by Karen Burton) My recipe for chocolate tart- a rich, velvety, mousse-like chocolate filling, on a sweet coconut and hazelnut crust, yum!

Chocolate Torte. (by Russell James)

Chocolate Torte. (by Kate Wood)

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti. (by Vanessa Sherwood)

Chocolate Wraps. (by The Raw Table)

Chocolate-mocha Milkshake. (by Alissa Cohen)

Chocolatey Toco Hemp Shake. (by Charlene Wieler)

Chow Mein. (by Ali)

Christmas Cookies. (by Jenny Cornbleet)

Cilantro Dressing. (by Steve Littler)

Cilantro Pesto. (by Juliano)

Cilantro Shake. (by Sarma Melngailis)

Cinnamon Apple Chips. (by Michelle Reeves)

Cinnamon Apple Walnut Cookies. (by Michelle Reeves)

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