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Raw. (by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein) From the site: "If you think "raw food" means carrots and alfalfa sprouts, Raw will astound you with its elegance and inventiveness. It's a combination no-cook book featuring gourmet recipes using raw and dehydrated vegetables, and a gorgeous, eye-popping, food photography book. The large, glossy book is beautifully designed, with well-arranged recipes, presentation notes, elegant language, and full-page, bigger-than-life photographs of exquisitely arranged food."

Raw 50, The -- 10 Amazing Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, And Drinks.... (by Carol Alt and David Roth) From the site: "Ever since supermodel and actress Carol Alt shared her secret with the world—that she’s become the healthiest, slimmest, and most energetic she’s ever been by converting to a raw food lifestyle—she’s been getting enthusiastic feedback from people wanting to know more about this revolutionary movement."

Raw Beauty 2011: A Calendar Featuring 13 Real People Gone Raw. (by Tanya Wood and Nick Rudnicki) Inside the calendar you’ll find beautiful un-airbrushed art photography by Nick Rudnicki, delicious seasonal raw recipes, and a short inspirational biography of each “real person” model. It is an easy introduction to raw cuisine and a great gift item. The calendar is 13 months and includes moon phases and astrological signs. It is 100% made in Canada and printed on recycled and FSC certified paper with all vegetable inks. Also 5% of the proceeds go the support of

Raw Britannia. (by Shazzie) Shazzie has created this amazing free ebook as part of her mission to get the UK into raw foods by bringing it to every high street in the country. Download it for free!

Raw Chef's Christmas Recipes - Reviewed. (by Raw Michelle) Learn how to make out-of-this-world recipes that can turn your Christmas into a really festive experience!

Raw Family : A True Story Of Awakening. (by Victoria Boutenko and Igor Boutenko) From a review on the site: "I've read quite a bit lately on raw foods, and this book is different from them all. I finished it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. The Boutenko's welcome us into their lives and share their journey from dire illness to raw foods as a family."

Raw Food / Real World. From the site "Top New York chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney and his partner, Sarma Melngailis, had been thinking of opening a Moroccan restaurant. But one night they were invited to a raw food restaurant -- and it changed their lives. They instead opened Pure Food and Wine, a restaurant devoted to creative, tasty raw food, and it has been drawing rave reviews."

Raw Food Gourmet, The -- Going Raw For Total Well-being. (by Gabrielle Chavez and Victoria Boutenko) From the site: "The phrase 'raw foods' conjures up images of food as punishment—think uncooked carrots and celery, with perhaps a spinach juice cocktail as a chaser. However, uncooked doesn’t have to mean unappetizing, as this combination cookbook and guide to the raw foods lifestyle shows. Gabrielle Chavez explains how to use the wide range of fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, spices, and seasonings for delicious, healthful—and healing—dishes."

Raw Food Life Force Energy: Enter A Totally New Stratosphere Of Weight Loss, Beauty, And Health. (by Natalia Rose) From the site: "According to top nutritionist Natalia Rose, the secret to a beautiful lean body, youthful radiant skin, abundant energy, and a state of natural bliss is Life Force Energy. If we can properly harness and increase our Life Force Energy through simple dietary and environmental principles, we can experience radically improved levels of health, beauty, and happiness. "

Raw Food Lifestyle. Digital magazine specializing in raw food recipes, nutrition, health, shopping, fashion, success stories, product reviews and all things "raw." Published bi-monthly. Read our latest issue for FREE!

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 Or 2 People. (by Jennifer Cornbleet) From the site: "Although raw foods have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, some people are put off by the work and equipment needed for dehydrating and the extensive preparation required for gourmet raw food dishes. In answer to their pleas, veteran raw food chef Jennifer Cornbleet provides a host of quick and easy raw recipes for breakfasts, main meals, and desserts--in smaller portions for 1 or 2. "

Raw Food Primer, The. (by Suzanne Ferrara) From the site: "Forget everything you have been taught about eating raw. This is not a boring book about bland salads and munching on carrot sticks for breakfast lunch and dinner —The Raw Food Primer is filled with fifty delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to make your tummy growl."

Raw Foods - Vegetarianism. An Essential Resource For Living/Raw Foods Lifestyle. Each title deals with an important aspect of the living/rawfoods lifestyle. Permacharts focus on the most important tips, tricks, shortcuts and key concepts. A great way to introduce newcomers to living/raw foods. Learn, reference and review in 5-10 minutes or less. Save time by not flipping through books or watching DVDs. Written by experts in the field, including the world leader, Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute.

Raw Foods Bible. (by Craig Sommers) From the site: "Cutting Edge Information from Ancient Societies to Modern Science: *The secrets of longevity and vibrant health *The science behind living foods *Gourmet live food recipes by top chefs *Acid-alkaline balancing *How to regulate body temperature with food The name on this book implies it is strictly about food. It is not. There are many factors that contribute to health and disease. This book will explore three main categories of health..."

Raw Foods For Busy People: Simple And Machine Free Recipes For Every Day. (by Jordan Maerin) From the site: "Bravo! Jordan makes achieving health simple by offering practical recipes that are great tasting and easy-to-prepare."

Raw Foods Resource Guide, The. (by Jeremy Safron) From the site: "The raw food lifestyle has become synonymous with vitality, weight loss, and optimum health. But with the myriad information and complicated cookbooks in circulation, the thought of living the raw lifestyle can be intimidating. Before you reach for that frozen chicken breast and fire up the grill, explore the potential benefits and (un)cooking possibilities using THE RAW FOODS RESOURCE GUIDE."

Raw For Life Encyclopedia Dvd. From the site: "Raw For Life " is an A-to-Z encyclopedia of Raw Food, perfect for beginners and Raw Food enthusiasts. This two-disc DVD inspires people with the Raw Food philosophy, the wisdom of eating a raw food diet, important medical facts and nutritional information. We have combined the expertise of Doctors and Nutritionists with testimonials from celebrities, athletes, and chefs who live the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Raw Fun Family - Wild Edibles, Starter Guide & Children's Book. (by Sonja Watt) Do you want to learn more about raw foods and a healthy natural life style for you and your family? I offer books about wild edibles (how to identify & harvest the easiest and most common edible plants), raw foods for children/family/friends (and how to live this lifestyle within society, many tips and tricks for your daily life) and a wonderful children's book you can read to your (grand)children to focus more on what we can do to help this planet become a better place. More is coming :).

Raw In Ten Minutes. (by Bryan Au) From the site: "Over 150 pages and 80 Raw Organic Living Recipes that are all under 10 minutes and $10. Totally innovative, new recipes That are all unique, fast, easy, modeled to look and taste just like all of your favorite "cooked""baked""deep fried" comfort and junk foods but it is Raw Living Organic Bliss!"

Raw In Ten Minutes Raw Organic Recipe Book, The Best!. (by Bryan Au) for all the info, free photos and free raw organic recipes! Raw Hugs, Chef Bryan Au

Raw Kids Recipes. (by Tiffany Washko) You don't have to know anything about raw foods to be able to follow these recipes. You don't even need to go 100% raw! A raw foods diet does not have to be all or nothing. EVERYONE can benefit from adding even just a little more raw foods to their diet. Our recipes were designed with kids in mind. Of course this doesn't mean that adults won't love every just ensures that kids will too! The Recipes for Raw Kids e-book includes delicious, kid friendly, raw recipes for meals, snac

Raw Kids: Transitioning Children To A Raw Food Diet. (by Cheryl Stoycoff) From the site: "Raw Kids provides inspiration, guidance, practical tips and resources for anyone wishing to improve their child's diet. Whether your goal is to transition your child to a 100% raw food vegetarian diet or, simply to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your child's diet, you will find Raw Kids a valuable resource. Raw Kids helps parents understand the process and implement the changes necessary for a successful transition."

Raw Magic: Recipes For The Revolution. (by Kate Magic Wood) Do you want to feel more amazing than you previously thought possible? Do you want to have more fun with your food than you've ever had before? This is the food of the gods, this is the food to turn us into superbeings who save humanity from disaster in a tidal wave of love and positivity. Raw Magic is Kate's third recipe book. But this is far from any ordinary recipe book, indeed, the world has never seen anything like it before.

Raw Spirit (raw Spirit: What The Raw Food Advocates Don. From the site: "When I first read about becoming a Raw Foodist, I couldn't wait to start. And I didn't. Overnight I abandoned my bachelor's diet of burgers, Subways, chicken patties, and burritos for raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. I couldn't wait to experience increased energy, glowing physical perfection, and a longer healthier life. "

Raw Success. (by Matt Monarch) "Have you been reluctant to eat 100% raw because you are afraid of doing it wrong? It is true that many long-term raw vegans suffer from deficiencies, health and dental complications. Most Raw Pioneers are dying between the ages of 80 and 93. If the raw diet is so amazing, why aren't we living decades longer than cooked food eaters? Raw Success is the key to longevity on a 100% raw vegan diet."

Raw To Radiant: The Secrets To A Long Life Of Radiant Health Through Raw Foods. (by Kim Cohen) From the site: "Like no raw foods book you will ever read! This book will change the way you look at food for the rest of your life. You will learn the truth about how cooked foods contribute to disease in the body and how a raw diet can assist in the detoxification and rebuilding process. This is not a book about sprouting, soaking, dehydrating or pulverizing and reshaping foods to trying to get them to resemble something like pizza."

Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life With Living Foods, The. (by Wendy Rudell and David Wolfe) From the site: "This visually lively gourmet raw food recipe book provides all the information you need for increasing your health and well-being through a raw foods diet. The recipes will motivate anyone who wants to have more energy, vitality, and abundant health without feeling deprived of their former cuisine."

Raw Truth: The Art Of Preparing Living Foods. (by Jeremy Safron) From the site: "The latest food trend is so retro it’s practically primeval: fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts untouched by temperatures greater than 108°F. In THE RAW TRUTH, restaurateur and consultant Jeremy Safron exalts the delicious simplicity of this back-to-basics cuisine. "

Raw Vegan Quick Reference Guides - 12-charts Set Of Laminated Charts On Many Subjects. (by PermachartsHippocrates Health Institute ) Contains 12 laminated raw vegan charts, each is 4-pages 8.5" x 11" Starting a raw food diet is easy with the raw food diet information contained in these guides. Buy all 12 Quick Reference Guides for great savings. Includes 1 each of: Lifestyle Wheatgrass Juice, Green Drinks & Sprouts Food Combining Detoxification Juicing The Raw Kitchen Dehydration Superfoods How to Store Goods Optimal Digestion Natural Home Remedies Dips, Dressings & Sauces

Raw-riffic Food's 101 Super-charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies. (by Debbie Marsh) This is more than just a raw recipe book, "Raw-Riffic Food's 101 Super-Charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies" is packed with information on super foods, the raw food diet, tips, resources, and 101 fun, delicious, and healthy raw drink recipes! The book is both colorful and easy to follow! Available as an e-book and in print. A must have for any raw food book collection!

Raw-riffic Food's Raw Food Basics. (by Deborah Marsh) Raw Food Basics can help you learn how to incorporate more fresh raw and living foods into your every day life, and you will grow to love it! "I'm sure of it!" Practically every basic component you need to know to help you transition to this healthy way of eating and living can be found in this book, Raw Food Basics. With over 250 delicious and creative raw food recipes, information on transitioning to a raw food diet, basic food prep, and so much more! It's a great "starter book" to raw!

Raw4ever. (by Fil Kandola) Raw4ever offers raw food diet plans for the novice, intermediate and advanced raw foodie/vegan. From 7 days to 21 days, raw4ever provides diet plans that are backed with 16 years of raw food experience and 27 years of vegan experience. A 3-day juice fast plan is also offered for anyone interested in cleansing the body, mind and soul. Raw4ever blog offers free raw food recipes and tips and pointers for being raw in the real world. Go to

Raw: The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food For Life. (by Juliano Brotman and Erika Lenkert) From the site: " 'Gourmet raw cuisine'--if that sounds like an oxymoron, you'll be amazed by the creativity of the recipes in this book. Every food is "live" (uncooked) in these vegetarian recipes from Juliano, the raw-food guru of Los Angeles. Juliano believes that fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, and seeds in their rawest and purest form are the most nourishing foods. "

Rawreform - The Natural Way To Weight Loss.. (by Angela Stokes) RawReform-the Natural Way To Weight Loss. Motivational E-books by Angela Stokes On The Raw Food Lifestyle For Weight Loss. Author Lost Over 160lbs By Going Raw.

Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, And Culinary Delight With The Raw Foods Diet. (by Brigitte Mars) From the site: "A raw foods diet advocates exactly that: raw foods. No cooking, no grilling, no steaming, no application of heat of any kind. Why? Because eating food closest to its natural state engenders a tremendous exchange of energy between food and body. The result, over time, is a feeling of buoyant, radiant health. "

Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, And Culinary Delight With The Raw Foods Diet. (by Brigitte Mars) From the site: "A raw foods diet advocates exactly that: raw foods. No cooking, no grilling, no steaming, no application of heat of any kind. Why? Because eating food closest to its natural state engenders a tremendous exchange of energy between food and body. The result, over time, is a feeling of buoyant, radiant health. "

Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine. (by Matt Amsden) From the site: "Following a vegan, raw foods diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite delicacies or condemn yourself to a life of celery and carrot sticks. As renowned raw foods chef Matt Amsden reveals in this vibrant, inspiring book, raw cuisine represents the discovery and innovative use of luscious natural ingredients."

Rethink Your Diet. (by Moein Ghahremani Nejad) Rethink Your Diet is a book about nutrition, health and natural life style in general, with focusing on raw veganism. Many important scientific nutritional facts are explained in this book, while the author tried to be open-minded and discuss in a non-biased manner.

Sprouts The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide To Sprouting. (by Steve Meyerowitz and Michael Parman) From the site: "Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts --- so many flavors and textures. ... The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food."

Sunfood Diet Success System. (by David Wolfe) David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System could be regarded as the raw foodist's bible. It is the latest edition of his classic book, updated and made gorgeous by library binding, spectacular Kirlian photography of raw foods throughout, and cutting edge information about raw foods.

Sunfood Living. (by John Mccabe) "Sunfood Living is a lifesaving book. Its abundance of documented facts demonstrates how our current way of living and eating rapidly destroys the environment and our health. John McCabe offers a wide spectrum of sustainable solutions from around the world. I consider this book a timely eye-opener for individuals, families, businesses, and governments." — Victoria Boutenko, author of the books Green for Life; 12 Steps to Raw Food; and co-author of The Raw Family: A True Awakening.

The Complete Idiots Guide To Eating Raw. (by Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray) In this guide, readers will find the secrets to raw food weight loss; how raw foods can heal the body and boost energy and enthusiasm; information on the anti-aging properties of raw food; a comprehensive resource guide to businesses, websites and groups that support the raw lifestyle and 100+ recipes that show how raw foods can be combined into delectable meals. The Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Raw fully explains the benefits of this increasingly popular diet choice, plus presents a mini cookbook that gets readers started on their new regimen.

The Dessert Revolution. (by Karolina Norman) Try raw dessert chef Karolina Eleonóra's amazing raw dessert recipes in this ebook and learn to make the most beautiful desserts! "I created this ebook so that even if you are a beginner you can feel confident enough to make these raw cakes, pies, tortes, puddings and cheesecakes. I’m taking you through the basics by showing you a few key techniques that enable you to start experimenting with your own raw desserts."

The Raw Food Lifestyle. (by Andrew Perlot) Raw foods are fantastic, but many fail to understand that there's more to success and happiness than what you put in your mouth. "The Raw Food Lifestyle" will teach you to address your human needs and really start to thrive. For more information, visit the link below.

The Raw Foods Diet Health And Nutrition Home Study Course.. (by Michael Snyder) Improve Your Health And Transform Your Life In Record Time With Raw And Living Foods. This New Course Features Many Digital Books And Audio Interviews With Health Gurus. It Focuses On Vegan And Vegetarian Diets Along With Exercise And Juice Fasting Info.

The Raw Secrets: The Raw Food Diet In The Real World — 2nd Ed., Revised And Expanded Ebook. (by Frederic Patenaude) The Raw Secrets. The Most Complete Book On Living On An Optimal Raw Food Diet For Better Health.

The Simplyraw Living Foods Detox Manual. (by Natasha Kyssa) Written by Natasha Kyssa, The SimplyRaw Living Foods Detox is a gentle, effective method to cleanse the body and to provide optimal nourishment for vibrant health. The book teaches healthy lifestyle habits to integrate into your daily life. Useful for all.

Vegan Health And Wellness Quick Reference Guides Special Offer. (by Helping Hands Program) This 15 charts Holistic Health & Wellness digital bundle is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning how to live a healthier more vibrant lifestyle. This digital download chart series contains 15 of our best-selling natural health topic reference guides. In true Permacharts fashion, these expertly written charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to get on the road to a better and healthier you today. See more now!

Vibrance + Living Nutrition Magazines. (by David Klein) Teaching raw food lifestyle and leading the raw health revolution since 1996 with 3,000 subscribers in 40+ countries.

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