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International Raw Food Extravaganza, August 31-september 10. (by Aris Latham) From the article: "SUNFIRE RAW FOOD CERTIFICATION COURSE to be held September 7-10, 2008 at K.A.M Temple, 1100 E. Hyde Park Blvd. The fundamental certification program is 20 hours long and no prior knowledge is required. The early bird special is $550 before August 15th. There is also a eight hour certification refresher course offered at a special price. Call 708-273-9699 for more information and to register."

Eating Natural Is Arnold's Way. (by Susan Gottshall and Arnold Kauffman) From the article: "If ever there was a restaurant appropriately named, it would be Arnold's Way Vegetarian Raw Cafe in Lansdale. That's because owner Arnold Kauffman is a man on a mission -- to convert people to eating his way, the raw food way. So, a visit to this cafe is not so much about whether the food is good or not -- some of it is, some of it isn't -- as it is about learning what it means to eat a vegan, raw diet of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds..."

Red Pepper Deli To Open. (by Carolyn Simon) I think this is from Michigan... Follow the link & scroll down on the page to read... From the article: "For those who like fresh, vegetarian food, the Red Pepper Deli, under the ownership of Carolyn Simon, is supposed to open soon at 116 W. Main St.The organic deli will be on the lower level of the Long Building across the street from Northville Square on West Main Street on the north side of the building facing the parking lot. The deli will offer about 90 percent raw food."

Rawlicious (restaurant Review). (by Edward Keenan and Angus Crawford) From the article: "Now, a few blocks west, is Rawlicious, Toronto’s second vegan, organic, raw food restaurant. (The other is Live, which we rated flawless a few years ago.) For anyone who hasn’t heard Woody Harrelson going on about the wonders of the raw-food movement, the short version is that adherents believe that refusing to process food or to cook the vital nutrients out of your vegetables will make you healthy and wise.... "

Alive. (San Francisco) From their site: "An amazing gem and urban oasis! Alive! specializes in RawOrganic Vegan Cuisine. Every dish is 100% ORGANIC, except for a few dishes which may have one or two ingredients which are not available as an organic product."

Bliss Cafe & Chocolates. (Sedona) From their site: "Located in the majestic beauty of Sedona's Red Rocks, we are open daily to serve organic, gourmet, raw and vegan delicacies. We invite you to select from any of our inspiriting entrees, salads, appetizers, smoothies, and our signature raw chocolate Superfoods and delicious desserts. We offer Bio-Dynamic organic wines, internet access and an Oxygen Bar..."

Raw Foodism 101. (by Regine Zamor) From the article: "Raw foodism, an alternative (but fad-free) diet, has recently become a popular way to eat for health. If you have only heard of it but haven’t tried it, read on to learn why many people are incorporating more raw foods into their healthy lifestyles and why some are living the full raw food life."

This Summer, Eat It Raw: Over 400 Healthy & Fresh Recipes For Better Living. (by Julie Rodwell) From the article: "LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y., Jul 15, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Whether one is curious about adding raw foods into their diets or have been eating raw for years, The Complete Book of Raw Food, 2nd Edition (Hatherleigh Press) is the essential resource for every home. "

Adjusting To The Veggie Lifestyle. (by Cash Peters and David Wolfe) A very strange recent public radio article (transcript?) featuring David Wolfe.

Going Raw? (an Article About Raw Pet Diets). From the article: "But for me, the raw food question remains. Would The Doone be healthier? Happier? Live longer? Be less itchy?"

Health Trend Goes To The Dogs. (by Tyler Olsen) Interesting piece about the raw diet trend in the pet food world... From the article: "Since April, Healthy Spot has been pitching healthy treats, standard pet toys and, especially, raw pet food to eager customers."

Heat-free Recipes Provide Summer Meals With Little Fuss. From the article: "The least appealing part of a steamy New York day is time spent in a hot kitchen. When temperatures soar, even standing over a barbecue can inspire comparisons to Dante's "Inferno." So how do you beat the heat when looking for something to eat? Eat raw. "

Raw Food / Real World. From the site "Top New York chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney and his partner, Sarma Melngailis, had been thinking of opening a Moroccan restaurant. But one night they were invited to a raw food restaurant -- and it changed their lives. They instead opened Pure Food and Wine, a restaurant devoted to creative, tasty raw food, and it has been drawing rave reviews."

Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine. (by Gabriel Cousens) From the site: "Medical researchers have found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet, combined with environmental pollutants and stress, can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body collectively known as chronic degenerative disease. Here holistic physician Gabriel Cousens provides a dietary regimen that may help reverse this process by introducing whole, natural, organic, and raw foods into the diet. "

Raw: The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food For Life. (by Juliano Brotman and Erika Lenkert) From the site: " 'Gourmet raw cuisine'--if that sounds like an oxymoron, you'll be amazed by the creativity of the recipes in this book. Every food is "live" (uncooked) in these vegetarian recipes from Juliano, the raw-food guru of Los Angeles. Juliano believes that fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, and seeds in their rawest and purest form are the most nourishing foods. "

Raw. (by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein) From the site: "If you think "raw food" means carrots and alfalfa sprouts, Raw will astound you with its elegance and inventiveness. It's a combination no-cook book featuring gourmet recipes using raw and dehydrated vegetables, and a gorgeous, eye-popping, food photography book. The large, glossy book is beautifully designed, with well-arranged recipes, presentation notes, elegant language, and full-page, bigger-than-life photographs of exquisitely arranged food."

Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, And Culinary Delight With The Raw Foods Diet. (by Brigitte Mars) From the site: "A raw foods diet advocates exactly that: raw foods. No cooking, no grilling, no steaming, no application of heat of any kind. Why? Because eating food closest to its natural state engenders a tremendous exchange of energy between food and body. The result, over time, is a feeling of buoyant, radiant health. "

Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine. (by Matt Amsden) From the site: "Following a vegan, raw foods diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite delicacies or condemn yourself to a life of celery and carrot sticks. As renowned raw foods chef Matt Amsden reveals in this vibrant, inspiring book, raw cuisine represents the discovery and innovative use of luscious natural ingredients."

Conscious Eating. (by Gabriel Cousens) From the site: "In this book, an expanded revision of his 1992 work, Cousens endeavors to make his readers aware of how their food choices affect their bodies, minds, emotions, and spiritual life. He emphasizes there is no one-diet-fits-all approach, but rather a consciousness on the part of the individual of what works. He includes information on the oxidative, autonomic, ayurvedic, anabolic-catabolic, endocrine, blood-type, and acid base diet systems."

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 Or 2 People. (by Jennifer Cornbleet) From the site: "Although raw foods have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, some people are put off by the work and equipment needed for dehydrating and the extensive preparation required for gourmet raw food dishes. In answer to their pleas, veteran raw food chef Jennifer Cornbleet provides a host of quick and easy raw recipes for breakfasts, main meals, and desserts--in smaller portions for 1 or 2. "

12 Steps To Raw Foods: How To End Your Dependency On Cooked Food. From the site: "Why do we overeat time and time again? Why do we make poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? What makes losing weight so difficult? These and many other vital questions are addressed in 12 Steps to Raw Foods in an open and sincere dialogue. Based on the latest scientific research, Victoria Boutenko explains the numerous benefits of choosing a diet of fresh rather than cooked foods."

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes. (by Ani Phyo) From Booklist: "A cookbook dedicated to raw food appears oxymoronic to the uninitiated, but people who aim to pursue a raw vegan diet soon realize that eating uncooked foods involves more than simply chomping into whatever sits on grocers' produce shelves. Phyo shows how to create more complex flavor harmonies."

Raw Foods For Busy People: Simple And Machine Free Recipes For Every Day. (by Jordan Maerin) From the site: "Bravo! Jordan makes achieving health simple by offering practical recipes that are great tasting and easy-to-prepare."

Raw Food Life Force Energy: Enter A Totally New Stratosphere Of Weight Loss, Beauty, And Health. (by Natalia Rose) From the site: "According to top nutritionist Natalia Rose, the secret to a beautiful lean body, youthful radiant skin, abundant energy, and a state of natural bliss is Life Force Energy. If we can properly harness and increase our Life Force Energy through simple dietary and environmental principles, we can experience radically improved levels of health, beauty, and happiness. "

Raw 50, The -- 10 Amazing Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, And Drinks.... (by Carol Alt and David Roth) From the site: "Ever since supermodel and actress Carol Alt shared her secret with the world—that she’s become the healthiest, slimmest, and most energetic she’s ever been by converting to a raw food lifestyle—she’s been getting enthusiastic feedback from people wanting to know more about this revolutionary movement."

Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, And Culinary Delight With The Raw Foods Diet. (by Brigitte Mars) From the site: "A raw foods diet advocates exactly that: raw foods. No cooking, no grilling, no steaming, no application of heat of any kind. Why? Because eating food closest to its natural state engenders a tremendous exchange of energy between food and body. The result, over time, is a feeling of buoyant, radiant health. "

Living Cuisine: The Art And Spirit Of Raw Foods (avery Health Guides). (by Renee Loux Underkoffler and Woody Harrelson) From the site: "This extensive volume provides a compendium of information on the chic raw foods movement. Underkoffler, a Maui-based restaurateur and workshop facilitator, devotes several hundred pages to descriptions of fruits, vegetables and the other essentials of a raw foods diet; the economic and social effects of eating raw foods; and the health benefits of adhering to such a diet."

Raw Food Gourmet, The -- Going Raw For Total Well-being. (by Gabrielle Chavez and Victoria Boutenko) From the site: "The phrase 'raw foods' conjures up images of food as punishment—think uncooked carrots and celery, with perhaps a spinach juice cocktail as a chaser. However, uncooked doesn’t have to mean unappetizing, as this combination cookbook and guide to the raw foods lifestyle shows. Gabrielle Chavez explains how to use the wide range of fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, spices, and seasonings for delicious, healthful—and healing—dishes."

Complete Book Of Raw Food: Healthy, Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine Made With Living Foods, The. (by Lori Baird and Julie Rodwell) From the site: "Every raw food lover would appreciate having The Complete Book of Raw Food on the kitchen bookshelf."

Living On Live Food. (by Alissa Cohen) A raw food book that all raw foodists should own -- a really heavy, thick book with tons of info and recipes. Do check it out!

Raw Foods Resource Guide, The. (by Jeremy Safron) From the site: "The raw food lifestyle has become synonymous with vitality, weight loss, and optimum health. But with the myriad information and complicated cookbooks in circulation, the thought of living the raw lifestyle can be intimidating. Before you reach for that frozen chicken breast and fire up the grill, explore the potential benefits and (un)cooking possibilities using THE RAW FOODS RESOURCE GUIDE."

Alive In 5: Raw Gourmet Meals In Five Minutes. (by Angela Elliott) From the site: "Here is a great resource for anyone looking for easy alternatives to complex raw recipes that require lots of time and expensive equipment to prepare. Acclaimed raw chef Angela Elliott shows how to whip up mouth-watering lasagne, spaghetti marinara, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli in cheese sauce, apple pie, decadent whipped cream and strawberries, chocolate shake, and more--all in about five minutes, with easy-to-find ingredients and just a blender or food processor."

Raw Kids: Transitioning Children To A Raw Food Diet. (by Cheryl Stoycoff) From the site: "Raw Kids provides inspiration, guidance, practical tips and resources for anyone wishing to improve their child's diet. Whether your goal is to transition your child to a 100% raw food vegetarian diet or, simply to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your child's diet, you will find Raw Kids a valuable resource. Raw Kids helps parents understand the process and implement the changes necessary for a successful transition."

Raw Food Primer, The. (by Suzanne Ferrara) From the site: "Forget everything you have been taught about eating raw. This is not a boring book about bland salads and munching on carrot sticks for breakfast lunch and dinner —The Raw Food Primer is filled with fifty delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to make your tummy growl."

Eating In The Raw: A Beginner's Guide To Getting Slimmer, Feeling Healthier, And Looking Younger.... (by Carol Alt) From the site: "Ten years ago, Carol Alt was feeling bad. Really bad. She had chronic headaches, sinusitis, and stomach ailments; she was tired and listless. And then Carol started eating raw—and changed her life. Eating in the Raw begins with her story and then presents practical, how-to information on everything you need to know about the exciting movement that’s been embraced by Demi Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Edward Norton, and legions of other health-minded people."

Eating Without Heating: Favorite Recipes From Teens Who Love Raw Food. (by Sergei Boutenko and Valya Boutenko) From the site: "Eating Without Heating... stands on its own as a valuable contribution to any raw food kitchen"

Eating Without Heating... Stands On Its Own As A Valuable Contribution To Any Raw Food Kitchen. (by Rose Lee Calabro) From the site: "Desserts are universally appealing, and now they can be enjoyed without guilt! Raw desserts are sumptuous and decadent, and can be made with organic nuts and fruits that are rich sources of healthful nutrients. The recipes in Living in the Raw Desserts are simple to prepare, outrageously delicious, and spectacular to serve--perfect for special occasions. Because they are made without wheat, sugar, or eggs, they can be enjoyed by anyone with food allergies. "

Raw Foods Bible. (by Craig Sommers) From the site: "Cutting Edge Information from Ancient Societies to Modern Science: *The secrets of longevity and vibrant health *The science behind living foods *Gourmet live food recipes by top chefs *Acid-alkaline balancing *How to regulate body temperature with food The name on this book implies it is strictly about food. It is not. There are many factors that contribute to health and disease. This book will explore three main categories of health..."

Living In The Raw Gourmet. (by Rose Lee Calabro) From the site: "Experience a new dimension in living and raw food cuisine. Recipes for traditionally cooked ethnic favorites, a multitude of innovative salads, and a voluminous section on desserts are among the outstanding featues this no-cook book has to offer. These meals are not only nutritious and full of gourmet flavor, they look spectacular to serve. "

Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life With Living Foods, The. (by Wendy Rudell and David Wolfe) From the site: "This visually lively gourmet raw food recipe book provides all the information you need for increasing your health and well-being through a raw foods diet. The recipes will motivate anyone who wants to have more energy, vitality, and abundant health without feeling deprived of their former cuisine."

Ambrosia: Art Of Raw Cuisine. (by Marc Anthony Hatsis) From the site: "In "Ambrosia," Marc Anthony Hatsis celebrates the pure, simple beauty of raw food. Pairing recipes with his own meditative, mandala-inspired drawings, Hatsis gives readers the first raw-food preparation and menu book to offer perfectly combined meals for ultimate digestive health. "

Live Food Factor: A Comprehensive Guide To The Ultimate Diet For Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet. (by Susan Schenck) From the site: "The Live Food Factor is the first comprehensive guide to not only the raw food diet, but also the raw food movement itself. This diet is sweeping America as people discover its power to not only make a body lean, but also keep disease at bay and bolster the immune system to heal from what are typically considered "incurable" diseases. Everyone who eats should read this book! "

Green For Life. (by Victoria Boutenko) From the site: "It will bring health to millions and make life easier for all of us now. A must read! --Dr Ruza Bogdanovich, an internationally renowned lecturer and teacher on true nutrition, author of the famous book, The Cure is in the Cause."

Raw Family : A True Story Of Awakening. (by Victoria Boutenko and Igor Boutenko) From a review on the site: "I've read quite a bit lately on raw foods, and this book is different from them all. I finished it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. The Boutenko's welcome us into their lives and share their journey from dire illness to raw foods as a family."

Raw In Ten Minutes. (by Bryan Au) From the site: "Over 150 pages and 80 Raw Organic Living Recipes that are all under 10 minutes and $10. Totally innovative, new recipes That are all unique, fast, easy, modeled to look and taste just like all of your favorite "cooked""baked""deep fried" comfort and junk foods but it is Raw Living Organic Bliss!"

Raw Truth: The Art Of Preparing Living Foods. (by Jeremy Safron) From the site: "The latest food trend is so retro it’s practically primeval: fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts untouched by temperatures greater than 108°F. In THE RAW TRUTH, restaurateur and consultant Jeremy Safron exalts the delicious simplicity of this back-to-basics cuisine. "

Celebrating Our Raw Nature. (by Dorit) From the site: "Enjoy an endless variety of nutritious choices from the plant kingdom as you build a foundation for improved health and longevity that is both physically and spiritually fulfilling. Dorit's recipes offer a smorgasbord of healthful choices that center on raw, seasonal and organic ingredients. Yet they are simple enough for even the most timid novice to gain confidence and expertise."

Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods. (by T. C. Fry) From the site: "A tour de force by authorities on the raw food diet. The book is a treasure trove of practical advice."

Fresh: The Ultimate Live-food Cookbook. From the site: "Fresh covers the whole range of recipes, including savory dishes, desserts, fermented foods, drinks, and wild foods. Techniques common to the recipes are introduced and clearly explained, including an inventory of uncommon fruits and how to handle and prepare them, as well as an immersion into the five basic flavors and the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and grains that help chefs bring out each flavor best."

Eat Smart Eat Raw. (by Kate Wood) From the site: "Wood, who says she eats raw food 90% of the time, presents raw recipes in a less demanding, more welcoming manner than purist devotees of the diet might. Many of the recipes require special ingredients and equipment such as a juicer or dehydrator, but Wood often tries to provide alternative options, even if they're not raw. ..."

Raw Spirit (raw Spirit: What The Raw Food Advocates Don. From the site: "When I first read about becoming a Raw Foodist, I couldn't wait to start. And I didn't. Overnight I abandoned my bachelor's diet of burgers, Subways, chicken patties, and burritos for raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. I couldn't wait to experience increased energy, glowing physical perfection, and a longer healthier life. "

Jay Kordich's Live Foods - Live Bodies. (by Jay Kordich and Linda Kordich) From a review on the site: "The quality of the book is excellent on two fronts; beautiful binding, photographs and paper stock; however, nothing can beat the message: Live Foods, Live Bodies. The father of juicing, Jay, along with the message of living foods and easy to prepare meals from his wife, Linda, are unsurpassed in their application in today's world."

Raw To Radiant: The Secrets To A Long Life Of Radiant Health Through Raw Foods. (by Kim Cohen) From the site: "Like no raw foods book you will ever read! This book will change the way you look at food for the rest of your life. You will learn the truth about how cooked foods contribute to disease in the body and how a raw diet can assist in the detoxification and rebuilding process. This is not a book about sprouting, soaking, dehydrating or pulverizing and reshaping foods to trying to get them to resemble something like pizza."

Warming Up To Living Foods. (by Elysa Markowitz) From the site: "Living food expert Elysa Markowitz shows how to prepare warm raw foods and still preserve their vital, life-giving enzymes. A great collection of raw food recipes, including a week-long menu plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Radiant Life: Raw Food And The Presence Of Love. (by Sun Rose) From the author: "The wonderful thing, for me, about A RADIANT LIFE is that it has been as much fun to write as to experience, and as much fun to experience as to write. What I mean by this is that WHAT IS WRITTEN IS EXPERIENCEABLE. The ideas are not just some theories. They are being lived. WE ALL MAY LIVE THEM."

Advantages Of Raw Food, The. (by Julian Thomas) From the site: "It is the author's purpose in this book to show that it is better to take these living cells in their natural condition than to take them after they have been destroyed by cooking. In the one case they fill the consumer with new vitality. In the other case they fill the consumer with disease and sooner or later cause death. The theories advanced in this book are original, and he believes he offers sufficient evidence to cause their acceptance by the reader."

Sprouts The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide To Sprouting. (by Steve Meyerowitz and Michael Parman) From the site: "Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts --- so many flavors and textures. ... The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food."

Sunfood Diet Success System. (by David Wolfe) David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System could be regarded as the raw foodist's bible. It is the latest edition of his classic book, updated and made gorgeous by library binding, spectacular Kirlian photography of raw foods throughout, and cutting edge information about raw foods.

Eating For Beauty. (by David Wolfe) From the site: "In Eating For Beauty, author David Wolfe, one of America’s foremost nutrition experts, describes how to cleanse, nourish and beautify by utilizing the benefits of a fresh-food diet. The lessons contained within this book can be applied to improve one’s appearance, vitality, and health. This book is about how to become more beautiful, not just maintain beauty or even how to slow the aging process. It is about rejuvenation at the deepest level, and the enjoyment of life."

Naked Chocolate. (by David Wolfe and Shazzie ) From a review: "Naked Chocolate is packed full of information about chocolate. In fact, of the many chocolate books I have looked at, it is one of the most informative I have found."

Vita-mix 1300 Turboblend 4500. From the site: "Vita-Mix TurboBlend 4500 is a heavy-duty, commercial-quality blender that delivers optimum performance and power. Superior engineering strengthens each part, ensuring a product that will last. " ($346)

Vita-mix 1319 Professional Series, Onyx. From the site: "With its 2-plus peak hp motor that generates blade speeds of 240 MPH, this efficient countertop appliance works great for whipping up smoothies, mixing frozen drinks, blending pureed soups, stirring up salsas, and more. The blender features a laser-cut one-piece stainless-steel blade assembly, durable all-metal construction, a brushed aluminum faceplate with an Onyx mirror-gloss finish, and soft touch switches and dial." ($489)

Vita-mix 1320 Professional Series, Platinum. From the site: " "It's not a blender - It's a Vita-Mix!" Ordinary blenders can't begin to approach the speed nor the results you'll enjoy while using the powerful Vita-Mix machine. Like no other kitchen appliance available, the Professional Series Vita-Mix, multi-tasking appliance will unlock the deep rich flavor treasures hidden in all your select ingredients. You can create dishes the way professional chefs do." ($498)

Vita-mix 1321 Professional Series, Ruby. From the site: "With its 2-plus peak horsepower motor that generates blade speeds of 240 MPH, this efficient countertop appliance works great for whipping up smoothies, mixing frozen drinks, blending pureed soups, stirring up salsas, and more. The blender features a laser-cut one-piece stainless-steel blade assembly, durable all-metal construction, a brushed aluminum faceplate with a ruby-colored finish, and soft-touch switches and dial." ($498)

Cuisinart Dlc-5bk 7-cup Capacity Food Processor. From a review: "With its 7-cup work bowl, 600 watts of power, and slicing and shredding discs, this food processor is ideal for most households. It kneads 1-1/2 pounds of bread or pastry dough, chops 1 pound of meat, emulsifies a perfect mayonnaise or salad dressing, and chops, slices, or shreds vegetables, nuts, cheese, and bread crumbs. The plastic work bowl is shatterproof and resists both heat and cold." $99

Cuisinart Dfp-14bw Custom 14 Cup Food Processor. From a review: "A perfect gift for new homemakers, the food processor has become an integral part of modern cooking, speeding up a multitude of processes, including kneading dough; slicing; chopping; shredding cheese, vegetables, and meat; mincing garlic and parsley; mixing batters; and emulsifying mayonnaise. Cuisinart's Custom food processor comes with a 14-cup work bowl; five basic attachments..." ($199)

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-pg-710 - Black Model (mar-48c). From the site: "Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 Features & SpecificationsChampion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 - BLACK MODEL The Champion Commercial comes inBlack,Silver,White andAlmondThe Champion Household 2000+ is a veteran to the juicing market. Champion has been around for over 20 years and we have clients who still rave about their juicer. This is build of a powerful 1/3 horsepower heavy duty GE motor. The large 1.75" diameter feeding tube allows..." ($219)

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-pg-710 - White Model (mar-48c). From the site: "Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 Features & SpecificationsChampion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 - WHITE MODEL The Champion Commercial comes inBlack,Silver,White andAlmondThe Champion Household 2000+ is a veteran to the juicing market. Champion has been around for over 20 years and we have clients who still rave about their juicer. This is build of a powerful 1/3 horsepower heavy duty GE motor. The large 1.75" diameter feeding tube allows ..." $221

Champion Commercial Juicer G5-pg-710 - Silver Model (mar-48c). From the site: "Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 Features & SpecificationsChampion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 - SILVER MODEL The Champion Commercial comes inBlack,Silver,White andAlmondThe Champion Household 2000+ is a veteran to the juicing market. Champion has been around for over 20 years and we have clients who still rave about their juicer. This is build of a powerful 1/3 horsepower heavy duty GE motor. The large 1.75" diameter feeding tube allows..." $219.

Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator - Ed 2500 Dehydrater. From the site: "Excalibur Model ED-2500 5-tray Food Dehydrator (Excaliber) Drying food is fun! The Excalibur Dehydrator allows you to dry anything evenly and efficiently. The unit can dry all fruits, vegetables, meats, and more! Make fruit leathers and home-made jerky - FRESH! The Excalibur has a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system which dries foods perfectly evenly on all the trays. ..." $179.

Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator - Ed 2900 Dehydrater. From the site: "Excalibur Model ED-2900 9-tray Food Dehydrator (Excaliber) Drying food is fun! The Excalibur Dehydrator allows you to dry anything evenly and efficiently. The unit can dry all fruits, vegetables, meats, and more! Make fruit leathers and home-made jerky - FRESH! The Excalibur has a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system which dries foods perfectly evenly on all the trays." $209

Freshlife 2000 Automatic Sprouter. From the site: "Tribest FL-2000 Freshlife Automatic Sprouter sprouts baby plants in their prime. No loss of nutrients because they are eaten the day they are picked. You can enjoy fresh sprouts at any time of the year. Just add water and seeds. No soil, special light nor Green thumb needed. Seed can sprout 7-15 times their weight, which makes them very economical to grow. One level makes approx 1 pound of finished sprouts. " $99

Mandoline Slicer -- Miu Stainless-steel Professional. From the site: "Unlike food processors, MIU’s mandoline allows precise control over the texture and size of every cut, producing attractive, uniform vegetable and fruit slices. Constructed from durable, heavy-gauge, 18/10 stainless steel, this French-made tool creates attractive pommes Anna or paper-thin slices of cuke in record time thanks to five, versatile blade attachments. Three julienne blades cut in 3-, 5-, and 10-millimeter widths for French fries or slender carrot strips." $84

Spiral Slicer - Joyce Chen Saladacco, White. From the site: "Joyce Chen opened her first restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1958. She found that the selection and quality of Chinese cookware in America didn't live up to her high standards¿ so she developed her own. Today, Joyce Chen Products sources from all over the Pacific Rim to bring the best of Asia to you. Make professional garnishes in minutes with this Spiral Slicer which quickly creates spiral strands, ribbons, or slices." $24

Interview With Steve Adler, Creator Of "sacred Chocolate" From (by Steve Adler and Mike Adams) From the article: "The following is an interview with Steve Adler, creator of Sacred Chocolate. It was conducted at the Raw Spirit Festival, where Steve presents his chocolates each year."

Naturaw -- Where Natural Science Meets Raw Health. From their site: "NatuRAW cares about the well being and positive evolution of Humanity, all Life, and planet Earth. Our mission is to provide assistance, information, resources, products, services, and ultimately Love to our customers with the goal of furthering the cause of helping humanity raise its consciousness, empower its Sacred Heart, and heal planet Earth in order to bring about the golden age of joy, peace, and Love."

New Book By Raw Foodist Carol Alt. (by Carol Alt) From the article: "“This Year’s Model” By Carol Alt, Avon A, $13.95. The hype: Fictional roman a clef for teens and twentysomethings about breaking into the rough-and-tumble modeling world. The reality: True to billing. Follows the lightning-fast ascent of a teen discovered by a photographer at her waitressing job. The scribe: Cat-eyed ’80s super-model- turned-raw food fanatic most famous for gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 1982 Swimsuit Issue."

Does Your Vitamin Have The Code? (by Brian Ray) From the article: "Garden of Life, Inc.,, a leading innovator in the Natural Products industry, announced the launch of The Vitamin Code(TM), a groundbreaking dietary supplement line created to change the way Americans take vitamins and minerals forever. Unlike many synthetic multivitamins produced in laboratories, The Vitamin Code formulas are individually cultivated with their unique raw food created nutrients and Code Factors(TM) intact..."

Garden Of Life. Makers of raw vitamins that "deliver living enzymes and probiotics and are uncooked, untreated and unadulterated without added binders and fillers. In addition, the vitamins are 100 percent vegan and do not contain any soy allergens, gluten, dairy or fructose."

Raw Food Right Now. (by Robin Moyer and Kelly Ayers) From the article: "RAWphoria Live is a creative dry raw goodies company created by Robin Moyer and Kelly Ayers, two women from Iowa who love raw food and wanted to create products for people wanting to eat a healthier lifestyle."

Group's Input Behind [raw] Restaurant Concepts. (by Sharon Greenspan) From the article: "Greenspan, 44, from Bethesda, Md., desperately wants a restaurant that caters to the raw food diet, which prescribes only fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, none of which have been heated above 112 degrees. Over the past year, she has dedicated as many as 10 hours each month to attending meetings, sharing her ideas on a community Web site and creating raw food treats such as oat-hemp balls to persuade others of the virtues of raw food."

Raw, Whole Foods Are Tasty In Summer. (by Kelly Serbonich) From the article: "Cooking soup in August never made much sense to me. Most of us want to avoid hot cooking in the summer heat — but we still want great food. Meanwhile, some people have turned away from cooked food for deeper reasons. Some have moved toward raw and whole foods to fight cancer, high blood pressure or obesity. For others, it's a philosophical extension of an attitude about diet and environment. Can the summer gourmet learn from the approach? Of course."

Couple Hopes To Meet Demand For Vegan Fare. (by Lisa Bouley and Bob Bouley) From the article (which includes some raw food pics!): "Lisa and Bob Bouley, owners of the new Vej Naturals juice bar and café on Washington Street, opened the vegan-organic eatery with one goal in mind: to show diners that vegan fare can be delicious, nutritious, inexpensive — and even fun to eat."

Fda To Allow Food Producers To Irradiate Spinach, Lettuce. Sorry folks... not all raw food news is good: From the article: "The Food and Drug Administration has approved use of irradiation on spinach and lettuce to kill dangerous bacteria, but companies may have a tough time selling the idea to consumers. "

Veg Out: Acclaimed Chef Touts Raw Food. (by Matthew Kenney) From the article: "SEARSPORT (Aug 21): Acclaimed chef and Searsport native Matthew Kenney will sign his latest book, "Everyday Raw" (Gibbs Smith, $19.99) at 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, at Left Bank Books. A graduate of the University of Maine and the French Culinary Institute, Kenney is a restaurateur, caterer and food writer based in Manhattan. His business interests range from New England to Florida and London to New Delhi. He has been the chef and co-owner of Pure Food and Wine restaurant..."

Everyday Raw. (by Matthew Kenney) From the description: "Everyday Raw is an exciting new cookbook that will introduce the benefits and pleasure of eating healthful food that is organic, fresh and good for you! Preparing and eating raw food does not mean bland, whether it is a smoothie, a salad, or a mid-morning snack, you will love the tantalizing and delicious recipes included here. Filled with luscious photography, Chef Matthew Kenney has been preparing raw food for years and offers up a variety of delectable recipes..."

Rawvolution: Part I , Tips On Starting A Successful Raw Food Business. (by Kevin Gianni and Matt Amsden) A quote from Matt Amsden, from the article: "What I think we're seeing is that there's sometimes more raw food business people than there are raw food customers. That's been the case for a couple of years, but I think it's starting to change as the movement grows. It's starting to be possible for organized individuals to really do something and get products out there."

Great Article On New Raw Restaurants In Scotland!. From the article: "An architect by training, and originally from Shetland, Steve got into a raw diet due to health reasons, around seven years ago. Enthusiastic to an evangelical degree, no one could doubt the positive effect it’s had on him- anyone who’s been working 18 hours a day for six months without a break has no right to be this bright eyed and animated. "

Raw Food Tips For Busy Families From Celebrated Raw Food Chef Joel Odhner. (by Kevin Gianni) From the article: "Joel Odhner, is a raw food prep chef who has quite an interesting story which I'll let you, I'll actually let Joel explain his story. I'm not going to go into it. I think it's great that he's got the story that he does have and he's made a massive transition and he provides raw and vegan meals to a bunch of private clients along the east coast. ..."

Raw Foods 101. Extensive raw food beginners info from PureJeevan. Sections include (1) What is Raw , Living Food?, (2) What ISN'T raw/living food?, (3) What is sometimes confused as raw?, (4) Why are people adopting this lifestyle, (5) What's the science behind it all?, (6) I want to do this. What do I need to do?, (7), What do raw foodists eat?, (8) the tools of going raw, (9) What to expect when going raw, (10) "But what about..." (concerns), (11) important points.

News Piece About Some Raw Foodists In New Zealand. (by Peter Daniels and Beryn Daniels) From the article: "Capetonians Peter and Beryn Daniels are UK-trained chefs who run the Raw- Foods, Living-Foods Elements of Health Programme. They travel the country spouting raw- food principles and demonstrating how to prepare raw meals. Attending one of their courses recently, I start off a bit confused, because surely a raw-food cooking course is a contradiction in terms."

Wendi Announces The All Raw Directory!. (by Wendi Dee) Wendi announces the launch of the All Raw Directory on YouTube!

Life In The Raw -- Piece About An Australian Raw Caterer. (by Paul Mattei) From the article: "Melbourne caterer Paul Mattei insists he is thriving personally on a stringent, uncooked diet that would make standard vegetarianism seem indulgent, writes Ann Pilmer...."

Tempting Menu At Saf. (by Melanie Steel) A non-raw foodists' review of a raw restaurant... From the article: "Apart from authenticity, Saf’s main claim to fame is that the food served is predominantly raw, and nothing is cooked above 48C. This only increased my shudder factor: I’ve always considered eating raw food to be a habit embraced solely by the rich and neurotic who spend their lives aiming for a smaller jean size." However, she notes the restaurant "confounded all my expectations and refuted some of my prejudices."

Article About The Simplyraw Festival In Canada. (by Natasha Kyssa and Mark Faul) From the article: "Now in its third year, the SimplyRaw Festival celebrates the vegan raw lifestyle in a fun, tasty way that should capture the imagination and palates of even the most discerning food critic. Created by Natasha Kyssa and her husband Mark Faul, the festival is expected to attract upward of 5,000 visitors this year -- an incredible feat, considering maybe 800 people attended in its first year in 2006, when it was basically just a four-hour pie contest."

Simply Raw Fistival And Green Living Film Festival. (Ottawa) (by Natasha Kyssa and Mark Faul) From the site: "This year's event promises to be the best non-profit free-admission community raw vegan festival ever! We are very happy to welcome an amazing lineup of international speakers; the world-renowned Raw Lifestyle Film Festival from LA; a growing selection of healthy lifestyles exhibitors; and an incredible array of family-friendly activities and events packing the weekend." Free admission! Sept 5-7, 2008.

Raw Foodist Angela Stokes Gives Tips On How To Achieve Better Health. (by Kevin Gianni and Angela Stokes) From the article: "In this excerpt, Angela Stokes talks about finding or building a support group and steps you can take today to start down the road to better health."

Almond Growers Sue Usda To Halt Mandatory Chemical Fumigation Of Raw Almonds. (by Mike Adams) From the article: "After having their organic almond businesses devastated by the USDA's bizarre decision requiring mandatory chemical fumigation of almonds, the almond industry is fighting back. Fifteen American almond growers have filed a lawsuit against the USDA in an attempt to repeal the requirements that all almonds grown in California be fumigated or pasteurized. (Virtually all almonds sold in the United States are grown in California.)"

New Burlington, Vt, Restaurant W/ Some Raw Food Options. (by Samantha Cofino) From the article: "Shelburne will have a new breakfast and lunch spot when town center residents Acoy and Samantha Cofino open the first floor of their home as The Open Arms Cafe (985-9844) later this month. The couple has transformed the downstairs of 52 Harbor Road into a light and bright eatery with an open kitchen and juice bar, all accented with Samantha Cofino’s art including a very cool dangling silverware chandelier."

Spreading The Word About Eating Raw. (by Saboora Yusef) From the article: "A crisp apple, a green salad or, if we're really being fancy, a bowl of gazpacho is what most of us consider food in the raw. For SaBoora Yusef, however, eating raw has been a life-changing commitment, one that she approaches each day with dedication and creativity."

Cafe Stays In The Raw. Restaurant Provides A Fresh Mix Of Organic Dishes For All Diet Types. From the article: "Brissette opened Everything Wellness to promote the raw movement, which she also describes as a “peace movement” because of its stance against misusing natural resources and animals. The café hopes to prove that eating healthy and helping the environment is not only attainable, but also mouthwatering and delicious. " 118 South Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY.

How To Choose Healthy Foods By Consumer Wellness Founder, Mike Adams. (by Mike Adams) From the article: "This is why I go to trade shows, because I can meet the person and when I see that person I'm assessing their health. That is, the founder of the company, the CEO. Are they healthy? Are they vibrant? Are their eyes clear? What is their level of health and if they're not healthy, I don't recommend their product. I'm looking for really healthy people with fantastic ingredients."

Proof's In The Eating -- Raw Foods Documentary From New Zealand. From the article: "FAMILY ILLNESS inspired Sydney-based filmmaker James Colquhoun to create a documentary showing that the right diet can save your life. His father had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for five years and was taking a host of medications. The problem was, they had their own (commonly expected) side effects, including depression and anxiety. By the time Colquhoun approached his father, an accountant and financial adviser, with an alternative solution, he was suicidal."

Healthy Living Show, The. (by Cathy Silvers) Show about transitioning to the raw vegan lifestyle.

Happy Oasis. Raw Spirit Festival's CEO and Chief Visionary Officer!

Gabriel Cousens. Founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ.

Viktoras Kulvinskas Site. (by Viktoras Kulvinskas) Director of the Survival Foundation. Cofounder of the Hippocrates Institute.

Brigitte Mars. (by Brigitte Mars) Raw herbalist from Boulder, CO.

Jameth Sheridan, Naturopath, Research-scientist. (by Jameth Sheridan) Co-author of "Uncooking with Jameth and Kim."

Markus Rothkranz. (by Markus Rothkranz) Raw film-maker, raw food movement inspirational leader.

Victoria Boutenko. (by Victoria Boutenko) Author of Green for Life, Raw Family, 12 Steps to Raw, etc.

Matt Monarch. (by Matt Monarch) Well-known author of many raw books!

Julie's Raw Reversal Of Multiple Sclerosis. Site does have things for sale, but does an interesting, raw-related success story about reversing MS: "I quit eating all the non-foods that were toxic immediately. I obtained the list from my practitioner. I went on a 30 day (which turned into permanent) MSG-Aspartame-hydrogenated oil-free diet. I completely cut out all cooked, canned and processed foods from my diet and started eating REAL food and could see and feel the difference ..."

Ashland (oregon) Food Co-op Class Dispels Myths About The Raw-food Diet. From the article: "After gleaning knowledge from local raw-food experts, Leier and DiMaggio are taking a turn at the helm, teaching a Thursday class at Ashland Food Co-op. "Dispelling Raw Food Myths" will explain the key points of the oft-misunderstood regimen and demonstrate recipes." Article has an EXCELLENT raw food porn picture!

Winning The War On Food (part 2): Mass Irradiation Of Produce. (by Neil Mclaughlin) From the article: "It is important to quickly summarize several issues related to food and politics in order to help the reader understand why it is essential for consumers to avoid mass irradiation of produce..."

Wendi Dee's Flickr Photoset From Rsf 2008. 362 photos from Raw Spirit Festival, 2008, Sedona, AZ.

Raw Spirit Festival Review. Steve Pavlina's blog review... "Last weekend I attended the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona. This was my first time attending. I had a great time, and I'm glad I went...."

Fresh Network Blog Of Rsf 2008.. Fresh Network blog entry from RSF 2008.

Renegade Health Vid About Sedona 2008. "...Anyway, we're making the best of it… in today's show you'll get a review of the Raw Spirit Festival and a funny story that happened to us over the weekend."

Suvine's Photos From Rsf. Suvine's photos from RSF

Fresh Network Blog And Photos From Rsf 2007. Fresh Network Blog and Photos from RSF 2007

Bunny Berry's Flickr Set From Rsf 2008. Bunny Berry's Flickr Set from RSF 2008

Philip Mccluskey's Flickr Set From Rsf 2008. Philip McCluskey's Flickr Set from RSF 2008

Philip Mccluskey's Flickr Set From Rsf 2007. Philip McCluskey's Flickr Set from RSF 2007

Lightening Blossom's Flickr Set From Rsf 2007. Lightening Blossom's Flickr Set from RSF 2007

Amethyst11:11's Flickr Photos From 2008. Amethyst11:11's flickr photos from RSF 2008

Ruby Vroom's Flickr Photos From 2008. Ruby Vroom's flickr photos from 2008

Rawbin's Rsf-08 Offsite Parties Flickr Set. Rawbin's RSF-08 Offsite Parties Flickr set

Rawbin's Rsf-08 Kitchen Flickr Set. Rawbin's RSF-08 Kitchen Flickr set

Suvine's Rsf-08 Flickr Set. Suvine's RSF-08 Flickr set

Rsf-07 Flickr Set. RSF-07 Flickr set

Ottawaraw's 2008 Rsf Flickr Set. OttawaRaw's 2008 RSF Flickr set

Victoria Boutenko On How To Get White Teeth Naturally - From Raw Spirit Fest 2008. Victoria Boutenko on How To Get White Teeth Naturally - from Raw Spirit Fest 2008

Viktoras Kulvinskas On Raw Food In Winter And The Dehydrator. Annet van Dorsser interviews Viktoras Kulvinskas and Katharine Clark in Sedona, Arizona, during the Raw Spirit Festival 2008.

Mom's Raw Film Clips From Rsf 2008. Mom's Raw Film clips from RSF 2008

Back In The Real World: Life After Raw Spirit Festival. "Today I found myself considering that a raw food diet is not just about adding healthy raw choices to my diet, it is recently becoming more of an exercise in subtracting certain habits, emotions and even belongings..."

Rawdiant (jim Dee's) Twitter Page. Interested in meeting / chatting with raw fooders from around the globe. Esp. interested in raw athletes.

Rainbow Raw Games. (Kalani -- On The Big Island) Rejoice, Recharge and Relax with Our Global Family. This Hawaiian adventure for the whole family is complete with traditional blessings, luau, live music, fun eco-conscious events, and activities for the kids. Join us in November: at the table, in the water, and under the sun. Come celebrate life, whether you eat 5% raw foods or are 100% raw, as every day is a thanks giving day!

Raw Success: 200 Pounds Lost. Good piece, though it contains some typical anti-raw sentiment. From the article: "Losing almost 200 pounds, overcoming type-2 diabetes and enjoying the best health of his life are the only reasons Manich needs to continue on a raw-food diet that includes copious quantities of "green smoothies." Manich's dramatic transformation has convinced 170 Rogue Valley residents that they, too, can benefit from consuming blended cocktails of raw leafy greens, fruit and water during a six-week "challenge."

Dhrumil Purohit Talks About How To Find A Supportive Community In Life And Diet. (by Dhrumil Purohit and Kevin Gianni) From the article: "Every single person out there knows that friendships and authentic friendships and people who are supportive adds value to the journey. Because when those individuals aren't there, when that community isn't there, then you're just doing something by yourself. And it's not as fun, because you can't share stuff. You can't explore together with other individuals."

Better Than "tuna" Salad. (by Dan Hoyt and Tolentin Chan) "I fell in love with this concoction before I even scooped it out of my blender and it quickly became a staple in my diet. Don't think of it as a substitute for tuna. It doesn't taste like tuna at all. It's more like a great spread. And you can't beat the healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants packed into this dish."

Food Matters. Includes interviews with David Wolfe. From the site: "After travelling the globe interviewing the world's leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing we have acquired a mass of footage explaining the finer details of nutrition and treating disease naturally. Understandably there is only so much we can fit into our 80 minute feature film so with the rest we are working on developing online learning programs. "

Keeping It Real Radio. (by Tanisha Marshall) Keeping It Real Radio, was created by Tanisha Marshall. This radio show is all about Natural Health and healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Tanisha Marshall has healed from Asthma, Knee pain, Back pain, fatigue, perpetually swollen throat and more by incorporating a raw food diet. Tanisha has went from a size 28 shirt to a size 14 and still losing. As you can see the raw food diet has made a tremendous difference in Tanisha's Life and she believes it will do the same for you.

Chili - Penni Shelton's Raw Chili. (by Penni Shelton) "Every year as our weather in Tulsa begins to gently shift towards autumn, my family starts thinking about warm foods like chili. When I first went raw over 3 years ago, the desire for warm food in the fall was the very thing that seemed to challenge my diet. I have been experimenting with different raw chili recipes for a couple of years now and what I've been able to come up with will rival any cooked recipe and it's WAY healthier."

Linda Salas Flickr Set From Rsf 08. Linda Salas Flickr set from RSF 08

Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival Set 1. Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival Set 1

Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival Set 2. Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival Set 2

Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival Set 3. Jeff Skeirik (rawtographer), Raw Spirit Festival set 3

Feasting In The Raw. (by Jarrod Harelik) From the article: "So, it’s yet another year without turkey and stuffing for me. But I’m starting to get the hang of it. In fact, I’ve never felt healthier. For one thing, stomach problems that plagued me since high school have diminished almost completely. But you might wonder how I can enjoy Thanksgiving without the usual holiday fare. The trick is to make meaning beyond the meal."

Heidi Van Pelt Hopes To Improve On Soul Food - New Vegan + Raw Restaurant For Kansas City. (by Heidi Van Pelt) From the article: "It will be vegan with raw food and cooked food -- all organic," Van Pelt says. "It's going to be diner and gourmet, and we'll have a juice bar."

China Study, The. (by T. Colin Campbell) The findings? "People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease... People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored," said Dr. Campbell.

Food Without Fire: Raw Food At Whole Foods. (by Sheryn Abalos) From the article: "On Chef Sheryn Abalos' menu today was raw fajitas and raw pear cobbler, with a special treat of cranberry pomegranate salad. All the ingredients are organic and fresh off the produce isle of this store. She reminds her students that using organic is important, especially when doing raw cooking because the pesticides are harmful to our bodies."

Restaurant Serves Up A Lifestyle In Action - Preview Of Matthew Kenney / Joe Diaz Cafe 118. (by Matthew Kenney) From the article: "The cafe, so named because 118 degrees is the temperature at which most nutrients and enzymes are destroyed, will be home to foods that are entirely raw; no animal products used. Matthew Kenney, raw food chef and author of Everyday Raw, created every item on the menu from natural ingredients. For example, the lasagna is made with zucchini, tomato and basil, and the cheese is derived from macadamia nuts."

Rawsome In La. (by Vicki Godal) From the article: "So where am I going with all this good news? Raw. That's right, raw. To me, changing what I eat and how I eat it is the very most sustainable action I as an individual can do for the planet. I already drive a Prius and recycle. But I'm still not satisfied with the level of change I'm personally effecting. Hence, the move to raw. "

Raw Foodist Nomi Shannon (part Ii): Starting A Raw Food Lifestyle. (by Nomi Shannon) From the article: "Most of us who are eating the standard American diet are addicted to the stuff they put in the food. It just tastes delicious. It takes a while for your palate to get used to simple greens, simple salad, plain almonds, that kind of thing. So you have to give yourself the chance to do that. If you are never a 100%, so what. ..."

Uncooked Ideals Not Half-baked. (by Marcia Vanderlip) From the article: "The other day I brought home a bag of freshly dug sweet potatoes and thought about roasting them. Then I remembered I could eat them raw, an idea I wouldn’t have considered until a little more than a week ago, when I met Blazin’ Jane Smith. The 67-year-old grandmother of 21 is blazing a trail for local vegans who enjoy the health benefits of uncooked foods."

Raw Energy: The Live Food Movement Heats Up In Columbia. (by Marcia Vanderlip) From the article: "Thanksgiving can be a tricky food day for vegetarians, hard for vegans and especially challenging for the raw foodist, who doesn’t eat meat, dairy, processed food, wheat, white sugar or food that gets warmer than 118 degrees. Yet it was Thanksgiving two years ago when Jane Smith had the first urge to 'go raw.'..."

Raw-food Chef Hopes To Spread Lifestyle. (by Mike Dedoncker) From the article: "BELVIDERE, Ill. — Wondering what to cook for dinner tonight? Brenda Richter’s suggestion would be nothing. That's because Richter, a certified raw-food chef and instructor, believes that cooking the fruits and vegetables that make up the diet of a raw-food lifestyle decreases or, at least, alters the nutrients in them. "It’s becoming more commonly known that a lot of peoples' illnesses are actually caused by what they eat or don't eat," said Richter..."

Raw Foods Have Run For Their Money. From the article: "Raw food expert Tim VanOrden will present "Diet and Peak Performance" Sunday. VanOrden will speak about his decision to follow the raw food diet, consisting of uncooked, unprocessed foods, while continuing his love for athletics. For VanOrden, it started in 2005 when he asked the question, "Can one be an athlete while eating a 100 percent raw vegan diet?" He believes the answer is yes..."

Breast Cancer Patient Foregoes Traditional Treatment For Raw Diet. From the article: "But something about that didn't sit right with her, she said -- something like an inexplicable feeling that she wouldn't survive it. 'It was like pictures came into my brain: 'You will not win this,'' she said. So the former Miss Orem kneeled and sought an answer in prayer. An impression came strongly -- but it was every bit as mystifying as it was powerful, she said. 'Even when I went into prayer, that was just as scary,' she said. 'I was thinking: Food?'"

Best Weight-loss Plan: Start A Raw Food Diet. (by Kevin Gianni and Phillip Mcclusky) From the article: "So in the very beginning I didn't even concentrate on exercise. And it's not that I recommend that but for me that's what worked. I knew that I had to get the food right. I had literally devoured raw food books. I was reading a book a day and was really excited about everything. But I noticed that every body had a different opinion on raw foods..."

Turkish News Piece: Raw Food Makes People Healthier And Happier. (by Nevsah Fidan) From the article: "The founder of the NFS Master Academy, which helps people increase their quality of life, Nevsah Fidan, recently published a ... book titled "Canli Gidalarla Gelen Saglik" (Health with Raw Food), which largely consists of lessons and recipes from her raw-food workshops.I have personally consumed raw food for a very long time. Because people appreciate these recipes and because this type of a diet brings health, peace and happiness to people's lives, I wanted to gather them..."

Organic Center - Info On Organic Farming And Pesticide Risks. Publishes an "Organic Essentials" pocket guide at Vision: "Conversion of agriculture to organic methods, improved health for the earth and its inhabitants, and greater awareness of and demand for organic products." Mission: "To generate credible, peer reviewed scientific information and communicate the verifiable benefits of organic farming and products to society."

Know Your Food Video Series. Here's a link to Wendi and Jim Dee's video series, "Know Your Food," which features nutrition information about a different food in each episode. They're working toward making this a daily feature Monday-Friday.

Highest Pesticide Foods - Reasons To Eat Organic. A list of the top 43 most pesticide-rich foods to avoid. Demonstrates the importance of eating organic foods.

Rawstar Vegan Live Cuisine. (Brooklyn) "There is no heat greater than 95 degrees used to prepare our food. Therefore, all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which nature provides in each fruit, vegetable, nut, sprouted grain, and seed we use are left intact for maximum nutrution. " 687 Washington Avenue, Between St. Marks and Prospect, phone: 718.975.0304, HOURS OF OPERATION, Tuesday - Sunday 11am to 11pm.

Going Raw Sparks Life Change -- And A Movie. (by Jenna Norwood) From the article: "Florida-based Norwood said this got her thinking about what would happen if you only ate healthy food for a month so she decided to try it, keen to slim into a showgirl costume for Halloween, with a film crew following her during that time. The result? A weight loss of 15 pounds, improved vision, higher energy levels, and a documentary called "Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw" which has won several awards at independent films festivals with a wide release expected in January."

Going Raw Could Be Great For Your Health. (by Christine Webb) From the article: " 'It was like a light bulb moment to be like this. It's what I was waiting for to reclaim my health,' Stokes said. Instead of going cold turkey -- or cold cucumber as she prefers to call it -- Stokes recommends a slow transition to raw foods. 'I recommend people start out being at least 50 percent raw and go from there.' "

Embracing A Diet In The Raw. (by Susan Chaityn Lebovits) From the article: "In their Weston home, Bellows and Fishman have built a space in which to teach classes on the principles of a raw food diet. The 1,500-square-foot kitchen has no stove or oven, but it does have large windows that overlook acres of conservation land and a paddock where Fishman's three horses graze. But things weren't always so peaceful in the Bellows-Fishman home."

Fine & Raw Chocolate. (by Francoise Villeneuve) From the article: "Raw food tends to make me think of celery sticks and things with the word wheatgrass in the title. Recently, though, I found a tastier option—raw chocolate. Daniel Sklaar, the owner of the one-man grassroots operation Fine & Raw Chocolate, produces just one type of cocoa confection, using artisanal low-heat techniques."

Some Like It Raw -- Diners Follow A Healthy Trend. (by Devin Briski) From the (rather uninspired, yet still marginally useful to raw foodists) article: "But don’t get too excited about eating raw—especially eating out raw—unless you have plenty of money to spare. Fresh, raw, and live ingredients tend to be the most expensive even though raw food restaurants do not have to pay for stove or oven costs." Mr Briski's comclusions aren't so enlightened in this piece, but at least he does point our some raw destinations in NYC.

The Future Of Healthy Snacks For Children?. (by Daniel Palmer) From the article: "Cheeky Chewz has devised a method to produce 100% dried fruit bars that, unlike most bars, are not made from fruit juice or fruit puree. Only the stones/cores of the fruit are removed, with the whole fruit, skin and all, naturally preserved as a raw food. They also ensure products have no added sugar, sulphur or preservatives."

As Raw Food Goes Commercial, Purists Cry Foul. (by Lessley Anderson) From the article: "...commercial success has led to a schism in the raw foods community. A school of purists thinks "gourmet" restaurants like Gratitude are seducing mainstream diners with secretly unhealthy food. ... These traditionalists eat very little refined oil, few processed foods, or things like nut pates (an avocado or the occasional handful of nuts is about as caloric as it gets)."

Woody Harrelson: What I've Learned - Esquire. (by Woody Harrelson) From the article: "The whole concept of the raw-food thing is, any food you heat over 118 degrees, you kill all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value of the food. The enzymes are as much or more important than the various nutritional things that are always getting all the good PR. But to eat only raw food, you've got to love a salad. You've got to just love a salad. "

Willtuttle. Author of World Peace (Animal-Free) Diet, A Vegan Voice & Activist

Rawdownunder. I dig Raw food, fitness, laughter, lifestyle design, entelechy and business!

Healthranger. Consumer health advocate and founder of Mike Adams

K1p1girl. Techy Vegan Foodie Knitter Mom

Solorunner. Running what I love to do! Looking 4 my 1st Tri, looking 4 my next PR,Supporting charity~Livestrong~ Love the beach,Raw Foodist, Just want to have fun!

Katequinn. I'm aussie, vegan, raw foodie and geek.

Rootsman. vegan and raw foodist also rastafarian

Rawguru. Superfoodist and raw food lifestyle entrepreneur. :)

Mertb33. Raw Food Chef- Love N.U.D.E. Food/Sparkling Wine Educator- Raw food and Wine Enthusiast living in the land of food and wine

Writingspirit. Daily Creativity Tips for Writers from author, creativity coach & brainstorming queen. Julie’s ebook, “Unleash Your Writing Genius,” is coming February, 2009.

Michellepierson. Raw/Live Food Coach, Speaker, Chef, Natural Health Advocate, Electronic Music Lover, and Capoeira Enthusiast.

Epowerme. Wellness Mentor& Internet Promoter. RAW food, dog & music lover. Inspiring & Empowering the World to Health, Happiness & Joy!

Chaddb. mountain biking, raw/vegan food eating, wine hacking

Canarsiebk. Brooklyn born, music loving, raw food vegan, in-house SEO living in the East Village.

Andrea_rawkstar. Work as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor. Small caterings, dinner parties & health parties, coaching, private & class instruction, restaunrateur, plannin

Drritamarie. Vibrant health mentor, doctor, health coach ,herbalist, raw food chef & teacher, nutritionist, acupuncturist,who empowers busy people back to health

Donnafranklin., Team Building Coach, Helping Others, Wellness Lecturer & Coach, Taking Photos, Singing, Having Fun Traveling & Learning

Superfoodliving. I am a raw, superfoodist from NY! Love the raw, vegan lifestyle, and looking to connect with others who share the same passion for health!

Johnrosania. Actor, Musician, Raw Food Coach, Herbal Alchemist

Veemoe. writer. laugher. lover of big dogs. vegetable nosher. music fiend. social media twit.

Naptress. I'm a natural hair girl/RAW foodist trying to get her creative groove on!

Rawfoodnoobie. Lifelong emotional eater/junk food junkie working to love & respect myself more by eating more raw foods,dog rescuer, artist, internet marketing, Web 2.0 ad

Ravynnnature. Nerd, Writer, Artist who loves fresh fruits and veggies.

Gebikiting. Living Food Athlete; 4-Time Olympian Silver & Bronze Medalist. Now coaching several Olympic Champions; Kiting when I can

Shareross. raw foodist. rocker musician. los angeleno. knitter. options trader. lover of life. exuberant. joyous. optimist. adventurer. aries. guitarist. pianist. artist.

Rawvolta. Raw foodist, Blogger, Polish USAtrotter, Writer, Painter, Seaweed Addict.

"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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