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Winter Buckwheat Breakfast. from San Francisco's Living Foods Enthusiasts

Apple Crisps. (by Jeff Riedesel and Nancy Riedesel)

1 Raw Girl - 1 Raw Girl Can Change Her World!. (by Margo Jakobi)

Raw Food Cold Climate. (by Kristi) The day to day real life experiences of an Alaskan raw foodist

Raw Girl In Japan. Surviving as a raw vegan in the land of sushi.

Beautiful On Raw. (by Tonya Zavasta)

Becoming Raw Vegan. (by "becoming Whole")

Bloggin' In The Raw.

Bueller's Kitchen. (by Bueller)

Raw Success. (by Matt Monarch) 8 Year 100% Raw Food Eater Matt Monarch Shares His Personal Journey

Qito. (by Suki Zoe) Suki Zoe is a Super-Food-Living, Liver Loving, Colon Hydrotherapist - when she’s not traveling, making Xocolati and mischief, taking photographs, writing & drinking Tea. With the intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy & clarity in every moment - her path has led to a cleansing lifestyle, embracing new health paradigms: this year, her 4th and longest Juice Feast lasted 84 days.

Cecilia's Raw Journal. (by Cecilia) A record of my experiences eating a raw food diet.

The Daily Raw Cafe. (by Terilynn) Letting my love of raw food cuisine shine through

Raw For Life. (by Debbie Took) The RawforLife Blog will feature news and articles on raw food and associated topics. Its aim is to inform, inspire and even entertain those on the raw food journey, whether 'just finding out', or raw for years.

Discoverraw. (by Jo) Where looking good is only half the picture

Eats Of Eden. (by Sally Miller) A Raw and Living Foods Business, specializing in classes and individual consultations for those people looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Eat To Live. (by Alisha) This is my journey back to health. I was 100% raw in 2005. I lost a lot of weight and felt great. Then I slipped and gained everything back. Now, it's for real and forever. Here I go!

Eve's Cupboard Raw Vegan Blog. (by Laura)

Filling Up On Life. (by Audry) Rendezvousing with raw food, growing food, experiencing abundance, and living more sustainably.

The Fresh Network Blog. The Fresh Network is the UK's raw & living food networking organisation specialising in raw food education, inspiration and support. See opposite for all that we offer. Our external mission: To bring raw and living foods to the mainstream. Our internal mission: To help make life happier, healthier and much more enjoyable for existing raw food fans.

Fruit Species - All Fruits: Common, Exotic, Rare Fruits & Vegetables Around The World. (by Fruity) Welcome to Fruit Species. The fruit blog with full photos and descriptions of all the fruits around the world, including exotic and rare fruits and fruits used as vegetables, beans, nuts and spices. Hope you have a fruity stay here.

Going Bananas. (by Sarah) Just a girl trying to change her life. Living on fruit and greens only since Jan 15 '07.

Go Raw Have Fun!. A blog to learn about and experience a raw living food lifestyle

Gracie's Raw Day. (by Gracie)

Green Diva's Raw Blog. (by Green Diva) Follow my raw journey. I choose to be raw because I want to be healthy and reach my ideal weight.

The Green Yogi. (by Dawn Gaynor) Guiding you on your journey to vibrant magical living

Growing Little Sprouts Blog. (by Stephani) This blog is dedicated to encouraging other parents to improve their children's health by making changes in their diet.

Raw Mom - An Online Oasis For Extraordinary Women. (by Tera Warner and Amy Dewolfe) Once upon a time, a busy little mom had a big idea… Passionate about raw food, attentive parenting and all things girlie, Tera Warner had an idea to start the RawMom project–a project that would touch and inspire the lives of extraordinary women around the world, looking for support and community to help them implement an unusually positive way of life.

Healthy Discoveries. (by Christy Broxton) Join me as I discover healthy alternatives to the way I've been eating and cooking. I'm not an expert -- I'm learning as I go. Feel free to let me know about a "Healthy Discovery" you've made and I'll add it to the blog.

Inside The Raw Food Lifestyle. (by Becca) I blog about my internal experiences on raw food. I felt physical changes immediately, but the more subtle shifts in my life are still constantly unfolding. Join me in examining raw food from the inside!

Trying To Live The Raw Food Life In Bend, Oregon. (by Jen Reed)

Jen-in-the-raw. (by Jennie Walker)

Raw Food With Jessica. (by Jessica)

Eatin' Raw. (by Sarabethxvx) recipes, food descriptions, and pictures of my favorite things. Vegan and mostly Raw.

Veggiegirl. (by Veggiegirl) The baking adventures, food, thoughts, and other tidbits of a young, high-raw vegan - welcome!

Juice Feasting. (by David Rainoshek and Katrina Rainoshek) Welcome to a revolutionary new way of cleansing designed for the transformation of individuals and society. This is the blog of David and Katrina Rainoshek, who are webmasters at See what a day in the life of the Rainosheks holds here on their blog!

Karen Knowler - The Raw Food Coach. (by Karen Knowler) Karen Knowler is The Raw Food Coach, author, presenter, teacher, trainer, former MD of The Fresh Network (The UK's raw and living foods organisation) and appears regularly in the press in her capacity as raw food expert and energy coach. Karen works with people at all stages of the raw food journey and from all walks of life, from complete newbie to celebrity and long-termer.

Kristen's Raw.

Kombucha Chic.

Legally Raw. (by Bob Bush)

The Sunny Raw Kitchen. (by Carmella) An Inspiring and Cozy Place to Share and Learn About Raw Foods!

Linda In The Raw. (by Linda) A raw foodist working in the Nutrition field and sharing my personal experiences about nutrition, cleansing, juice feasting, raw food recipies, 80/10/10, energy work, the Tao and more!

Live Food Louisa - Loving It Raw. (by Louisa)

Living The Fruity Life. (by Sarah) Sarah has been living fruity and loving it since May of 2007. Follow her raw journey and get lots of yummy raw recipes here.

The Living Kitchen. (by Junglegirl) Live Foods, Recipes and Inspirations. (by Rachel) - Enjoying Life & Raw Foods. (by Philip Mccluskey) Philip McCluskey is a 31-year-old entrepreneur, motivational speaker, blogger, and is incredibly passionate about raw foods! Being overweight his entire life, with 30 failed diet attempts, he surpassed morbid obesity and skyrocketed to a max weight of 400 lbs. After hitting rock bottom he was ready to go the gastric bypass route when he discovered raw foods. By switching to a 100% raw vegan diet overnight, he's lost nearly 200 lbs and is on the fast track to rediscovering his inner superhero.

Moms Raw. (by Angela)

Healing Raw Beauty Blog. (by Bethanne Wanamaker) Discover countless ways to use Raw Foods, Superfoods, Fresh Vegetable Juices, and Exceptionally Pure Skin Care to achieve everything you've always wanted for yourself.. superior internal health and flawless external beauty!

Radient On Raw. (by Alina)

Radical Radiance. (by Courtney Pool) The enthusiastic musings of a young woman loving this adventure of a life!

Russell James - The Raw Chef Blog. (by Russell James)

Raw Divas Blog. (by AmyAngela ) raw food solutions for women

The Running Raw Project - Blog. (by Tim Vanorden)

Raw Experiences. (by Shernell Cooke)

Raw Faith. (by Britanie Faith)

The Raw Food Blog Of Tanisha Marshall. (by Tanisha Marshall)

The Raw Food Detox Diet. (by Natalia Rose)

Raw Food Log. (by Jaynie Peach) Like it says on the tin, a log of raw food!

Raw Food Passion. (by April)

Raw Food Restaurant Guide - Blog. (by Emily)

Raw Food Right Now. (by Heidi Ohlander and Justin Ohlander)

Raw Freedom Community. Raw recipes, advice, and more.

Modernjane. Follow Jane on twitter

Raw Food Chat.

Raw Food Success Blog. (by Annet Van Dorsser) Your Daily News, Recipes and Video's, brought to You by Annet van Dorsser

Adventures Of Raw Goddess Heathy. (by Heathy) Heathy's raw life and all her adventures in the kitchen and around the world!

Raw In Montana. (by Kelly Ordway) A personal journey into raw foods, juice feasting, spiritual clarity, optimum health and unceasing passion for life!!

The Raw Kitchen Blog. (by Shell)

Raw Rob: Raw Food, Wild Food & Consciousness. (by Rob) Raw recipes, wild food photos and info, plus nature and travel photography.

Funky Raw Magazine. The Funky Raw Magazine is a quarterly publication covering raw food, nutrition, raw recipes, wild foods, consciousness, poetry, permaculture, etc.

Rawdorable. (by Shannonmarie)

What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway - Raw Food Wednesday Posts. (by Tofu666)

Raw Life. (by Sunshine) This blog is about our Raw Life. That of myself and my family. Including doing raw with a child with autism. Enjoy the ride! :D And now (April 2008), it'll include our adventures in homeschooling as well! :D (You know, to give me more fodder for the blog! ;) )

The Raw Lifestyle Coach's Diary.

The Raw Mocha Angel. (by Althea Hughes Wills) One woman's journey to becoming a 100% raw vegan

Raw Model. (by Anthony Anderson)

Rawreform E-journal. (by Angela Stokes)

Raw And Skinny!. (by Nancy) Feel-Good Adventures in the Urban Jungle

Raw Traveling. (by Ellen J. Atkin) The experiential manifestations of a professional photographer, advertising executive, raw foodist

The Raw Vegan Princess. (by Freedom)

Jamie Abrams Blog. (by Jamie Abrams) Jamie's blog on raw food, yoga, toddlers, and more.

Rawbin's Bubble. (by Rawbin) I'm a southern Maryland girl, eating living foods, getting healthier each day, while tasting the world around me.

Rawketscience. (by Robin 'keiko' Gregory)

Rawsome Life.


Let's Raw And Roll The Food!!!. (by Rawvolta)

Rediscover Raw Food. (by Candice)

Rural Raw - Ok...everything In The Juicer. (by Meredith)

Simply Raw. The English language Swiss Raw Food Blog

Supercharge Me! Blog. (by Jenna Norwood)

Sustainability And Raw Food Blog. (by Suzy Sikora) From the blog: Sustainably Raw founder Suzy Sikora is a certified Living on Live Foods instructor and coach devoted to sustainable living and optimum health. The mission of Sustainably Raw is to teach others how to do this, as well as how to create delicious and wholesome raw meals to get the ultimate nutrition and health from their diet.

Synergy Chef Collaborative. (by Richard Hemsley)

Vegannosaurus Rex. A blog about Raw and Vegan Living in Atlanta, Georgia

When On Earth.

Wyldegirl. (by Jenny)


Spiritland Bistro. (Santa Barbara) With a new menu each week composed of local, organic ingredients Spiritland Bistro's mission is to fully embrace the authentic flavors of global cuisine, we use only the freshest, organic, whole food ingredients free from hormones, nitrites, genetically modified organisms, irradiation and artificial colors or flavors. Hours of Operation: Lunch: Wednesday - Monday: 11:30 am to 5:00 pm Dinner: Wednesday - Monday 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Friday & Saturday 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

A-live & Healthy Organic Eatery. (Merritt Island) (by Kimberle Smith) Mostly raw food restaurant. Serving cooked food, raw food, and raw desserts. Outdoor seating avialable. Accept credit cards. 205 McLeod, Merritt Island, Florida (32953) (at near 520 and Courtney) Phone number: 321-576-0990

Almond Blossom Cafe. (Flagler Beach) (by KimDavid ) Address: 213 S. Second St, Flagler Beach Florida 32136 Tel: 386-693-4930

Escopazzo. (Miami Beach) Escopazzo (an organic Italian restaurant) offers 4 raw food meals on its menu. Located at: 1311 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-9450

Michigan Raw Foodists-all Are Welcome Though :). A place for Michigan raw and living foodists, vegans and vegetarians. All are welcomed though,whether you live in Michigan or long as you interested in healthy foods

Raw Chef Olga - Olga Purington. Gourmet Raw Food Chef Olga is a Graduate of the Living Light International Institute of Culinary Arts. Olga is passionate about bringing raw food knowledge to people and motivating them to live happy, long and youthful lives. She is a member of the International Anti-Aging Society. Olga teaches raw food classes in and around Thousand Oaks, California.

Healing For Bliss - Ojai, California. (by Eliza Vimmerstedt) Healing For Bliss PO Box 417 Ojai, CA 93024 805-646-2462

Lydia's Organic. Lydia's Organics produces high-quality dehydrated foods made from raw, organic, vegan ingredients. Her combinations of sprouted grains, seeds and nuts, along with fruits, vegetable, herbs and seaweeds are manufactured with the utmost care for the preservation of the living vitality and nutrition of these ingredients.

Elaina Love's Pure Joy Planet. (by Elaina Love) Pure Joy Planet is dedicated to helping people integrate raw living foods into their daily diet. Our products, recipes, classes, retreats, workshops and services revolve around the simple concept that raw living foods are fundamental to personal health and a healthy planet. Vegan, vegetarian and nutrional diets create wellness, energy and clarity. Tell your friends and spread the word... raw living foods help bring Pure Joy to our Planet!

Serenity Spaces. (by Dorit) Deep within each of us, is a well of profound peace, joy and beauty which, when accessed, manifest as vibrant, robust health, works of genius and artistry. To assist in reaching this magical, inner world and tap into the realm of all possibilities, is the purpose of this website. Through Workshops. Retreats, Organic Living Foods, Meditation and recommendations of products and other sites, we believe that you will find the serene spaces of this infinite spring which lies within.

Sunfood Nutrition - David Wolfe. Since 1995 Sunfood Nutrition™ has been the world’s premier source of raw foods, superfoods and cutting edge nutrition information. The company was founded by David Wolfe, the leading authority on the raw food philosophy – a lifestyle and diet that has swept through Hollywood and far beyond. He is the author of Eating for Beauty, Naked Chocolate, and The Sunfood Diet Success System, and is one of the most sought-after health and personal success speakers in the world today.

Tegra Little, Live Food Chef And Teacher - Southern California. (by Tegra Little) Tegra Little, LLC A Champion of Health Live Food Chef and Teacher E-mail Telephone 310.433-6008 Fax 323.344.1785 Address 1107 Fair Oaks Avenue Suite 123 South Pasadena, CA 91030

Lasagne Recipe. (by Russell James) From his site: I really love this dish, it's great to take to potlucks or give to your non-raw friends and doesn't need any expensive kitchen equipment other than a knife, a chopping board and an inexpensive food processor. A mandoline would be an advantage, and is also very cheap in terms of kitchen equipment.

Wilted Kale Salad. (by Russell James) From his site: Inspired by the classic kale & avocado salad, this dish was a hit in NY when I made it, almost on a daily basis, for everyone at The Plant. Chipotle peppers are jalapeno that have been smoked, and so are not raw. However, I love to use them as they have such a great taste and you don't need to use many! I have provided an alternative combination of ingredients in the recipe as a substitute to using jalapenos that will give a similarly distinctive taste.

Purple Pasta With Walnut Pesto & Tenderstem Broccoli. (by Russell James) From his site: This recipe was inspired by a picture of pink pasta I saw on the internet. Here I use beetroot juice to colour the courgette which isn't purely asthetic, it sweetens and gives a nice subtle flavour. This recipe will make a huge plate full so is great to serve and enjoy between 2 people, healthy comfort food!

Stuffed Vine Leaves With Mint Cashew Aioli. (by Russell James) From his site: I created these stuffed vine leaves after tasting the cooked version. Seeing as anything cooked can be made better raw, I just had to come up with this alternative, which, I have to say really fills a gap. This recipe will make 16+ rolls depending on the size of your vine leaves and how much mixture you put in. Eating 2 is usually enough for me in one sitting!

Tomato & Macadamia Mozzarella Linguine. (by Russell James) From his site: One of the most popular dishes, and one that I got asked for the recipe for many times at our recent London Dinner Party was the Tomato & Macadamia Mozzarella Linguine. It's a really simple dish that only takes 20 minutes (unless you're making it for 30 people!) to make and it is also great to take to work as it will keep in a lunch box really well. I'm particularly pleased with this recipe as it's tastes like it should be more complicated than it is!

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs. (by Russell James)

Mediterranean Almond Bread. (by Russell James) Fron his site: You can make a batch of this on Sunday and be set up for some fantastic lunchtime sarnies for the week, instead of just taking the salad option!

Mince Pies With Whipped Cream. (by Russell James) From his site: You can give these pies to your loved ones and they'll never suspect they're raw unless you decide to tell them! These pies are causing quite a stir in households and offices across the land:-) Thanks to Emma Mihill for her ideas on the pastry and full credit to Elaina Love for the cream recipe...

Strawberry Tibetan Goji Berry Smoothie. (by Bryan Au) From Raw In Ten Minutes by Bryan Au 1-2 serving

Carrot Ginger Soup. (by Rawguru)

Cream Of Spinach Soup. (by Rawguru)

Cream Of Cauliflower Soup. (by Rawguru)

Hearty Tomato Soup. (by Rawguru)

Chicken Soup For The Raw Soul. (by Rawguru)

Trinity Kale Salad. (by Rawguru)

Simply Yum Salad (5 Veggies + Sea Veggies & Sunflower Seeds). (by Rawguru)

Seaweed Salad. (by Rawguru)

Sesame Tahini Dressing. (by Rawguru)

Lettuce, Pomegranates And Pine Nuts, Oh My! (spinach Salad). (by Rawguru)

Living Pizza. (by Rawguru)

Living Lasagna. (by Rawguru)

Nori Rolls (with Parsnip Rice). (by Rawguru)

Taco Shells With Salsas, Sour Creme, "refried Beans". (by Rawguru)

Spaghetti And Meatballs (savory Nut Balls). (by Rawguru)

Stuffed Red Peppers. (by Rawguru)

Mexican Rice (parsnip Rice). (by Rawguru)

Beet Me Up!. (by Rawguru)

Raw Food Awakening. (by Jane Dear) A former yo-yo raw foodist freshly dedicated to raw, living food, and loving my new way of life - slimming down, kicking Bell's palsy, and sharing the journey.

Mexican Seasoned "rice" Cabbage Salad. (by Jane Dear)

Purely Delicious Magazine. From the site: Purely Delicious Magazine is a printed publication celebrating the beauty, tastes, and health benefits of fresh, raw, plant-based foods. Our mission is to educate, inform, and inspire those wishing to enhance their health through nutrition and conscious living. We are dedicated to bringing you useful information and delicious recipes that can be applied every day and for every meal, to create a more balanced lifestyle - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lemon Raspberry Tart. (by Purely Delicious) Raspberries smothered in lemon cream with a nice, crunchy almond crust. This cream is also very nice with mangoes or apples. Fills 8, 8 cm brioche shells

Cinnamon Raisin Flax Crackers. (by Brigitte Mars)

Rich Fudge Brownies. (by Purely Delicious)

Cashew "mock Chicken" Salad. (by Purely Delicious) This is really delicious stuffed in a large tomato or avocado. Serves 4-6

Peach Cobbler. (by Purely Delicious) Serves 6-8

Ginger Pate. (by Ani Phyo) From Ani Phyo's new book, Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Serves 4

Heirloom Tomatoes In A Basil Crust. (by Cherie Soria) From Cherie Soria and Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Serves 4

Zesty Pesto Pasta. (by Purely Delicious) Serves 4

Blueberry Pie. (by Alissa Cohen) Serves 8

Almond Cheese Manicotti. (by Purely Delicious) Serves 4-6

Veggie Enchiladas. (by Purely Delicious) These are wonderful to serve for an impressive meal. They are VERY easy to make, but look and taste much more gourmet. Serves 6

Chocolate Mousse. (by Purely Delicious) This is the most amazing stuff. It taste SO much better than the "real" thing. I use it for icing too. Usually, my children just lick it off and leave the cake. Oh, it makes a wonderful chocolate pie as well - just double the recipe. Makes about 2 cups

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie. (by Purely Delicious) It's really a dessert smoothie, but I could drink it for breakfast every day! Serves 2 (if you don't mind sharing)

Apple Sauce Pie. (by Avena Originals and Nomi Shannon) This raw pie rivals the most legendary cooked apple pie. Rich, sweet, and aromatic with cinnamon, offer this pie to your skeptical friends they will never believe that it is a Raw Pie.

Goji-berry Breakfast. (by Lorraine Wheat)

Bosc Pear-raspberry-kale Smoothie. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Cacao Chip Cookie Bites. (by Melinda Scheper)

Cacao Pudding Extrawordinaire. (by Melinda Scheper)

Ca'caow Goodies. (by Joelle Brémault)

Chocolate Milk. (by Amanda Waldner)

Chocolate Halvah. (by Yemiah)

Cream Of Spinach Soup. (by Sage Stewart) Serves 2-4

Green Smoothie With Finger Bananas And Spinach. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Go-balls. (by Lauri Germain)

Goji-pops. (by Diane)

Gojis In The Apple Orchard Salad. (by Amanda Waldner)

Goji Blue-green Smoothie. (by Melinda Scheper)

Goji Green Banana Smoothie. (by Melinda Scheper)

Good Morning Cacao Shake. (by Melinda Scheper)

Gooey Goji Clusters. (by Amanda Waldner)

Go Go Goji Chocolate Fruit And Nut Bars. (by Deborah Gerylo)

Green Powerhouse Smoothie. (by Deborah Gerylo)

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. (by Rebekah Mcdonald)

Liver Energizer. (by Sage Stewart)

Mango-weeds Smoothie. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Mom's Yummy Fudge. (by Lisa Schraefel)

Cacao Shake. (by Melinda Scheper)

Pear Kale-mint Smoothie. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Perfect Pecan Brownie. (by Melissa Krutzfeldt)

Rawlmond Super Bars. (by Amanda Waldner)

Raw Fruit And Nut Cookies. (by Connie Moore)

Red Ants On A Log. (by Lorraine Wheat)

Simple Coco Chai Smoothie. (by David Favor)

Smooth Strawberry Delight. (by Melinda Scheper)

Sooo Creamy Chocolate Pudding. (by Rebekah Mcdonald)

Strawberry-banana-romaine Smoothie. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Sunburst Punch. (by Deborah Gerylo)

Sun Chews. (by Heather Mckenzie)

Super Chews. (by Diane)

Creamy Cucumber Soup. (by Amanda Waldner)

Valentine Chocolate Strawberries. (by Bev Klatt)

Apple-kale-lemon Smoothie. (by Victoria Boutenko)

Artic Delight Ice Cream. (by Bev Klatt)

Blueberry Mylkshake. (by Charlene Wieler)

Cacao-goji Raw-nola. (by Melinda Scheper)

Cacao Crunchies. (by Diane)

Cacao Raspberry Dream Smoothie. (by Diane)

Chai Nut Nog. (by Charlene Wieler)

Chocolatey Toco Hemp Shake. (by Charlene Wieler)

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream. (by Amanda Waldner)

Fabulous Fruitcake. (by Charlene Wieler)

"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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