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Regarding Living Nutz, TheJooge wrote: Cool, thanks!

Regarding Bethany's Story Documentary Preview, TheJooge wrote: We've met Bethany and her family twice now at raw food potlucks. Her story is jaw-droppingly amazing and inspirational. I hope this video gets the audience it deserves. -Jim

Regarding Living Nutz, TheJooge wrote: The Jooge agrees. These things are wicked good. However, they are somewhat expensive. Also, does anyone know whether their almonds are truly raw?

Regarding Abeba' Krazy Onion Rings, TheJooge wrote: Looking forward to trying these!

Regarding Abeba' Krazy Onion Rings, TheJooge wrote: [no comment, just a rating]

Regarding Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator - Ed 2900 Dehydrater, TheJooge wrote: This is what we've had for a few years. Never had any problems. There's a "living foods" setting on the machine. Because there are so many slight variations in the raw food books as to what temperature kills off all the enzymes, we tend to keep ours at 105 degrees, safely below even the lower figures you read here and there. Makes great chips, crackers, breads, etc.!

Regarding Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator - Ed 2500 Dehydrater, TheJooge wrote: Keep in mind that the 9-tray model is only another $50 or so. If you're serious about dehydrating, it's worth the extra money to be able to do more at once. But, either way, these excaliburs are top-quality.

Regarding Champion Commercial Juicer G5-pg-710 - White Model (mar-48c), TheJooge wrote: We have this juicer. It's truly a "champion" -- a real work horse. Cleanup is easy & the juice is great. A bit pricey, but better than what we'd owned before -- an older Jay the Juiceman model. Also makes great "ice cream" by runnning frozen bananas and other frozen fruits through the mechanism.

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