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Regarding Living Nutz, WendiDee wrote: YES! Their nuts are truly raw. They were very active about speaking out against the pasteurization of almonds and have found sources for their nuts that are truly raw and organic. On top of that, I believe they are selling truly raw almonds to the public.

Regarding Raw Spirit Santa Barbara!!, WendiDee wrote: Thanks for asking about the date, Rawbecca! It's great to know that people are looking out for the accuracy of the info on the All Raw Directory!! *HUGS* Yes, the date is correct. I spoke with Happy earlier today and she told me the new date. So, save the date and I'll see you there! :-) XOXOX

Regarding Zeolites Support, WendiDee wrote: If you take zeolite products, or are interested in trying them, I HIGHLY recommend this company. It is run with love and integrity, and I believe they have the best source of information and the highest quality products available!

Regarding Sprout Living, WendiDee wrote: This company is run with love and you will not find anything fresher or more nutritious! I highly recommend that you order from this company and experience some amazing energy from their sprouts, greens, herbs, flowers, and more!!

Regarding Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine, WendiDee wrote: I enjoyed this book a great deal because it made a lot of sense and seemed to be backed up by some science (but also a lot of theory).

Regarding Living Nutz, WendiDee wrote: Don't get these unless you plan on tasting the best snack ever! Yes, they are really that good! ;-)

Regarding Bunny Berry's You Tube Channel, WendiDee wrote: Bunny is a super star---shining brightly and lighting the way for those to follow!

Regarding Rawvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine, WendiDee wrote: This was my favorite book when transitioning to the raw diet, and continues to be one of my favorites. I highly recommend this book to anyone who was used to eating a lot of gourmet meals in restaurants.

Regarding Raw Fu Community, WendiDee wrote: Bunny Berry had a vision--did she realize how large and fast it would grown, however? Raw Fu is one of the largest and fastest growing raw food communities on the web! There are new and long-term raw foodists in the Raw Fu community, working some true magic and beauty together.

Regarding Raw Food Support Forum, WendiDee wrote: I've been coming to this community forum for a few years. There is a lot of knowledge held by the members of this community and they are very open to answering raw questions. A lof of the long-term members are also long-term raw foodists.

Regarding Wendi’s Birthday Treat, WendiDee wrote: This gets a "10" rating because it wasn't only pretty and tasted great, it was made with lots of love by my family! :-) XOXOXO

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~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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