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Profile: 60+ year old woman just beginning on her raw vegan food journey. Have been 50% for about 2 years with frequent returns to SAD. Now seriously moving up to higher degrees of raw food lifestyle with a goal of 95-100% raw vegan. I'm looking to eliminate diabetes (no meds), hypertension (currently taking med), and obesity. Goal: A healthy, vital, happy old age free of medications and the AMA. I'd like to eventually be able to influence my husband and my sons and their families to make the change too! I'm up to a gallon of Kangen water per day and using lots of green and fruit smoothies. I've already been able to eliminate major allergies and "arthritic" pain from my life. I'm really loving how raw vegan food is affecting my health!
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PureJeevan wrote: Hi Carol- Glad you found the search by state/city functions. I may have to put some thought into making those more visible in the future. This directory has been around for a while, but it's still relatively "new" and I'm always thinking of ways to make it better. Soon, Wendi and I will be working on Pure Jeevan (and all of the PJ sites like the All Raw Directory) *full time*, and when that day comes, we'll be putting significant effort into making all of these sites the absolute best they can be. So, thanks for getting me thinking about that issue -- and please feel free to add raw foods links you find online that we don't have here. The more we have, the better this site is for everyone. Best regards, -Jim Dee

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