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Profile: I'm a blue Doby, rescued in late 2007, then adopted by Jim & Wendi Dee (and KDcat). I live in Pittsburgh with a couple of cats. I like chicken (raw), beef (raw), bananas, apples, and cucumbers. I also like a little keefir after my meal. It's been hot this summer, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've had a few fleas. But, I'm working on the problem...

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msreversed wrote: Hi, I am posting a thank you to the nice person that added my link to this site. Just letting you know that I, in return, have added All Raw Directory to my links page. I guess you've sent me some visitors over the past year. I thank you very much. Julie~MS Reversed Oh, and PS. I am still eating raw! And still MS FREE!!!!! :)

WendiDee wrote: Joogie! Thank you so very much for fixing the message system! It's working well and emails are notifying me when people leave messages. Thanks for being a presence in this place! I love you! Wendi XOXOXO

amanda wrote: Thank you. I love the "All Raw Directory" - it's really useful, and I'm sure will keep growing and growing.

123RAWGIRL wrote: Thanks! I saw WD's message on Twitter but didn't realize there were links created for us already. THANKS! ( :

RawTN wrote: Hey there JIm! Good luck on the sale of the Luck house! :D

modernjane wrote: Happy holidays to you and Wendi!! I have been crazy busy over the holidays but I do have some new links to add to the site in the next few days. I also have another idea to email you about :) By New Year's eve I should conquer all my craziness and have a minute to write. Happy New Year!!

TheJooge wrote: testing coments!

johagensen wrote: Hey Jooge! Great picture! I would be happy to add a link if I actually had something to link to! ( : So for now, it will remain empty (sigh). I'll be in touch with Wendi, we'd love to get together again!

modernjane wrote: Hi!, I am having such a great time here adding links. I just love having one place to go for everything! Thank you for the offer about the photo help. I tried to upload one the other day but it was too large. I am going to give it another try right now with a smaller version. If I can't manage it (I'm on a new computer and haven't quite adjusted to not having all my old trusty programs) I will come beg for help :) Jane

Nazoloht wrote: Hello Joogie Sweetie! And, happy belated birthday. You're a good pup!

PureJeevan wrote: Hi Joogie!

"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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