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I am addicted and obsessed with climbing and my life revolves around it. I compete nationally. I am all about good vibrations. I like walking barefoot. I eat a lot of bananas. I love hearing life philosophies. I love breathing. I am interested in metaphysics. My favorite academic subject is psychology. I am overly-obsessed with food. I like researching things that interest me. I enjoy laying in the grass and looking at the clouds or stars, especially with another person. I love thinking. I have too many tyedye shirts from the many tyedye parties I have had. I like art, especially psychedelic and abstract art- (my background is my original artwork). I love burning incense, especially Nag Champa. I want to study health/nutrition when I go to college. I am an extreme animal lover. I look forward to living in Chattanooga. I train for climbing 5 days a week. I love sleeping. I like music festivals. People tell me I should have been born in the 60s.

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