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Profile: Raw foods saved my life. In September 2007, I switched to an all raw diet in an attempt to help with my fibromyalgia (a chronic pain disease) and ulcerative colitis. I am now cured of both conditions and off the 25 pills I was taking each day! I recently started two raw based companies, Raw Breakthrough, a coaching and motivational speaking business, and Elements for Life, a place to get huge discounts on superfoods (

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"This is the world's first community-run raw food directory, meant to catalog resources for the entire raw and living foods community. Click on any of the categories to view available information, or add new raw-related links of your own! The A.R.D. is my gift to all of us -- a small way for us to become closer and stronger. With an open heart, my love flows out to all of you."
~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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