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I played around with raw foods about 3 years ago, not really committed and only lasted a couple of months. But, this year, my daughter (age 16) made a decision to try raw foods as a way to improve her health. She had been in a wheelchair due to a Td reaction plus some other chronic health problems. I agreed to go on the diet with her, mostly for moral support. Well, short story, she is totally healed (yeah!)!!! I have lost 50 pounds, and still losing. I have increased energy, need less sleep, my ezema has healed, my pre diabetic conditions disappeared, and my joint pain is gone. My spirit is waking up, becoming more aware and alive. I made some major life changes as a result of going raw. It's as if my senses have come fully alive and I can appreciate the natural world and the strength of the human spirit in a new way. One of the most unexpected benefits of embracing a raw foods lifestyle has been that I have become more ME.
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WendiDee wrote: Jody! I'm so sorry for the delay in my response. The message system was not working correctly (this is a new site and we're still working out the kinks). But, the message system is now functioning properly. What a nice surprise to see your note. Are you still working? If not, maybe we can find some time to get together I'd still love to interview you and Bethany for our blog! And, it would be nice to spend time with both of you before we go out on tour. Lots of love to you, Wendi XOXOXO

TheJooge wrote: Hi Jody! Just wanted to remind you to put your link in your profile as well -- your blog, your site, etc. Thanks for joining the ARD. Hope 2 see you & Bethany at the meetup next month at our home! -Jim & Wendi... ps Wendi said she'd like to have you & Bethany over for lunch before then if you can make it. Wendi's email is WendiDee [at]

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