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Profile: I came to adopt a raw lifestyle through a series of circumstances the first of which was my diagnosis with a chronic neurological illness. This diagnosis shook the foundation of the life I'd built and forced me to reevaluate my lifestyle choices. At the time, I viewed my diagnosis as a disaster but now I truly believe it was a blessing. It was painful and terrifying but it forced me to open up to a new way of living and being. Following the diagnosis, I began the exploration into self healing. Through the research Iíve done, and people Iíve met it is clear that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the most beneficial materials and right mindset. Raw food has empowered me and helped me heal from dis-ease. Literally weeks after adopting a 100% raw diet I was symptom free. As if that werenít amazing enough, it has also brought me to a higher energy existence. I hope to help people to embrace this healing way of eating to whatever degree suits their lifestyle.

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~Wendi Dee. (Watch Wendi's Raw Food Weight Loss video!)

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