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30 Days Raw. (by Jenna Norwood) After her dramatic transformation on raw food, Jenna switched careers from public relations consultant to health educator and raw food chef. With a partner, she opened Veggie Magic, a raw food cafe and catering business in Sarasota, Florida. She is regularly featured in segments on the Healthcare News Network. She is the founder and organizer of Raw Sarasota, one of the largest raw food Meetup groups in the world. Each month, she teaches raw food preparation classes at Whole Foods Market.

7 Wonders Of The World Exlixir. (by Sister Kathryn) Check it out and even get your free sample at

Angela Stokes' You Tube Channel. (by Angela Stokes) From her site: "The Natural Way to Weight Loss. Angela Stokes of explores raw foods, detox, truth and joy... ;)"

Ani Phyo's You Tube Channel. (by Ani Phyo) Ani Phyo's YouTube Channel...lots of great raw recipes!

Annet Van Dorsser's You Tube Channel. (by Annet Van Dorsser) From her page: "Your Daily News, Recipes and Video's, brought to You by Annet van Dorsser. "

Arnold's Way You Tube Channel. (by Arnold) From his site: "Arnold's Way is a Raw-Vegan Cafe in Landsdale, PA. Our mission is to create an energetic movement for the transformation of a disease-free World. "

Best Of Raw Videos. (by Laura Fox) This is the official site for the Best of Raw Foods Awards Videos! All people who have been nominated, or their fans, can post videos testifying as to their raw-mazingness! Have fun with this! There are also videos by Best of Raw Founder Laura Fox to be found on this site, as well as other 'raw favorites.' Submit a video by following the instructions at the 'submit your video link' on the site at!

Bethany's Story Documentary Preview. (by Bethany Hagensen)

Blythe Raw Live Website. (by Blythe Metz) The official website of Blythe Raw Live, a weekly online show about the benefits of raw foods, natural living and environmental consciousness.

Bunny Berry's You Tube Channel. (by Bunny (beth) Berry) From her page: "Hi, my name is Beth. But for the next 100 days, you can call me Bunny. I am committed to a 100 Day Raw Food Challenge for improved health, and will be blogging along the way. I am hoping that a raw food lifestyle will help me fight obesity, and alleviate the symptoms of PCOS and fibromyalgia. I'm 37, fat, fatigued, and ready to change my life. Challenge Start Date: April 14, 2008."

Coconut Key Lime Smoothie. (by Sheila Murrey and Mind Xdreamz) Second in a series of Vita-Mix raw health food videos for and - Thank you.

Currligirl On Youtube. Videos to get you started making a transition to alkaline foods in your diet.

Defiant Health You Tube Channel. (by Christy Seguin) My recipe videos, and also some videos from my other life--real estate. Check out some great food and cool houses.

Diannerawgirl's Youtube. (by Dianne Kartes) want to meet others in the Raw Food Community.I will eat as clean,raw,and/or as vegan as I can.Raw is great.I also intend to lose 40 more lbs too.I am doing Juicing ,Smoothies and salads for the next 100 days Weighloss gals is another kind of videos I watch and people I want to interact with.So bring it on.

Earth Circle Organics Raw News. Contains raw news, information, and recipes catered to the information seeking raw foodists!

En*theos Academy Professor--raw Food Classes!. (by Christy Harden) Each month I teach a class on either raw foods or consciousness topics such as holding space, etc. I love love love doing these classes and hope you enjoy them as well! The below URL is a class for creating delicious nut and seed mylks--but you can navigate the site and find many, many more classes!

Farm Of Life Family You Tube Channel. (by Brian Calvi and Jody Calvi) As the premier and most affordable raw food destination on the planet, Farm of Life enjoys the company of many inspired, interesting and knowledgeable people who visit and share in the experience we offer; and we give it back to you with this You Tube Channel. Enjoy! Our channel features information about healing naturally, raw food; yoga, gardening, bee-keeping, travel, and more!

Freshtopia. (by Tanja Andrews and Oscar Grimm) Superb vlogs based around sexy raw food and groovy green living. Recipes galore for the raw food gourmet with plenty of extras, such as nutritional and historical info on the ingredients. Beautifully edited with gorgeous intros, music, graphics and more. Currently (mid 2008) on hiatus as the director is fighting a malginant tumor, but they'll be back!

Healing Diabetes With 80-10-10: Video Log Updates. (by Tasha) 24 years into Type 1 Diabetes, finally taking steps to allow this body to heal...instead of just managing the symptoms.

Health Food Junkies. (by Kate Magic Wood and Suki Zoe) Health Food Junkies. Featuring: Kate Wood: Suki Zoe: Andy & Kate Richards. Parasite Zapper: http://www.worldwithoutpara... Jupiter Water Ionizer: Vortex Pendent UK:

Healthunprocessed Show. (by Healthunprocessed) My Channel was created to educate and inspire people on the miraculous benefits of living and raw foods, natural health and Toxin-free beauty. Because I'm on a mission to transform my life and the lives of others in ways they never imagined possible. Because there is more to life, and I love helping people in their growth. Get Raw Food Info & Recipes, nutritional education, interviews, reviews and inspirations and easy to follow natural detox tips, weight management and Un-cooking tips. xx

Healthy Living Show, The. (by Cathy Silvers) Show about transitioning to the raw vegan lifestyle.

Humble Roots Wellness - Vids. Check out our online seminars, webinars and quick tips videos!

Inspire2act. (by Lori Painter) This is a video journal of my life inspired by raw foods & conscious living!

Jinjee's You Tube Channel. (by Jinjee)

Karen Knowler's You Tube Channel. (by Karen Knowler)

Kate's You Tube Channel. (by Kate) From her page: "a collection of raw food recipes, lifestyle tips,insights & even a pantomime!"

Liferegenerator Youtube Channel ~ With Dan Mcdonald, The Bad Boy Of Raw Foods. (by Dan Mcdonald and The Liferegenerator) Juicing Recipes, Raw Food Recipes, Lots of Fruit, Lots of Vegetables, and a whole lot of humor, lightheartedness, inspiration & love. ;-)

Living Sun Foods Show. (by Michelle Pierson) Features topics on raw/live food nutrition, natural living, and holistic healing. Host Michelle Pierson provides you with tips, testimonies, interviews, recipes, and more!

Loving Foods Youtube Channel. (by Courtney Taylor) Our collection of fun, inspirational, educational Raw Food related videos, empowering you with easy, practical ways to thrive on a raw food diet.

Lovingraw You Tube Videos. Philip McCluskey is a 31-year-old entrepreneur, motivational speaker, blogger, and is incredibly passionate about raw foods! Being overweight his entire life, with 30 failed diet attempts, he surpassed morbid obesity and skyrocketed to a max weight of 400 lbs. After hitting rock bottom he was ready to go the gastric bypass route when he discovered raw foods. By switching to a 100% raw vegan diet overnight, he's lost nearly 200 lbs and is on the fast track to rediscovering his inner superhero.

Pure Market Express - Vegan Raw Food Delivery Service. (by Jeanne) PME's You Tube channel - recipes, testimonials - check it out

Raw Cacao & Banana Smoothie - A Healthy Delicious Chocolate Shake. (by Sheila Murrey and Mind Xdreamz) This is part of a raw food video series created, developed, and published by Sheila of Design 2 Xdreamz and Mind Xdreamz. Learn more about raw foods at: and more about Sheila...

Raw Food Switch Channel By Nathalie Lussier. (by Nathalie Lussier) Watch Nathalie Lussier demonstrate simple and delicious Raw Food Switch recipes in her videos. The channel will also show the progression of the Raw Food Switch garden, as well as other fun events happening!

Raw Foods, Diy Body Care, Self Development And Yoga. (by Lisa Rohtopia) The fast growing, English channel for Rohtopia with lots of raw food recipe demos, full length yoga sessions and tutorials and clips on how to make your own body and beauty care!

Raw Fruit Festival 2012. (by Stephane) A little insight from the 2012 Raw Fruit Festival. Check it out to have a better idea of what happened and what to expect in 2013!

Raw Fun Family - Youtube Channel. (by Sonja Watt) Watch more about raw foods, wild edibles and natural living or go to

Raw Humour Tv. (by Pete Vincent and Raw Humour) Catch all the latest humorous goings on in Raw Humour by checking out Raw Humour TV. Meet the likes of Shangri La Love Moon and Dr Theodore Quackery MD.... More coming soon......

Raw Pirate Gourmet. (by Share Ross and Bam Ross) Raw Pirate Gourmet! Living foods for living life! Share and Bam are two rockers turned raw foodies. After traveling the globe in Vixen and the Dogs D'Amour, this pair have turned to video podcasting to share their love of raw foods with others. Professional video episodes updated regularly.

Raw Radiant Health. (by Natasha St. Michael) Join Natasha on her 100% raw food weight loss journey! Everyday (Monday-Friday) Natasha posts a video on weight loss tips, raw food recipe demos, transitioning to a raw food diet, fitness ideas, how to deal with cravings and easily adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

Raw Recipes For Kids!. (by Kimberli Almonla) Come check out the Second Nature kiddos making some delicious recipes from fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables. Your going to love them! Look under the OUR VIDEOS tab on our website.

Rawalicious Youtube Channel. (by Danielle Charboneau) Check out Rawalicious on youtube with lots of advice and tips on yoga and raw food. Daily videos are posted on how to live life as your most vibrant, radiant self!

Rawbecca On Youtube. (by Rebecca Leaverton) Superfood Girl (formerly "Rawbecca") - this is her first YouTube channel, which now is mostly personal vids of her raw-ish family (with twins, Aubrey & Sebastian) and her partner Dominic Porto. (also see *Superfood Girl on YouTube*)

Rawdawg Rory's Youtube Channel. (by Rawdawg Rory) Certified raw food chef/ goofball :0D Raw food uncooking videos!

Rawfood Stories!. (by JasonPia ) Real Raw Food Stories from Real People!

Rawinspiration. (by Curtis Whitwam) Stay inspired with videos about natural living, raw recipes, getting outside, and wild foraging. Using my experiences to teach others, my hope is that this channel will help others on their path.

Renegade Health Show. (by Kevin Gianni) From his site: "Kevin Gianni, creator and host of "The Renegade Health Show" believes great health education doesn’t have to be spread in clinics or in rooms with no pictures on the walls, but can be done in a fun, friendly and outrageous way. And he’s right, since the start of the show, thousands of viewers have come from all over the world and are taking the message from a rather unconventional expert to heart."

Rhio's You Tube Channel. Rhio of shares raw food recipes, insights, biodynamic gardening, permaculture, joy, laughter and love.

Sheepra's Hcg Adventure In The Raw!. (by Shalom Shick) My transition to raw using the renowned HCG Protocol for weight reduction.

Stick To My Raw Food Diet. (by Raw Michelle) raw food rap video

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